Authors Recommending Authors

In Sept. 2014, Reading Recommendations began this new list of Authors and their books that are recommended by guest Authors. Alice Major was the first guest to recommend a recently published book by a new-to-me author, and she has prepared the blog post and answered my questions. I have since contacted other established authors I know personally (especially those who teach creative writing) to see if they also have noticed a new author whose work should be brought to the world’s attention. If you are an author who has already been featured on RR and you would like to recommend an up-and-comer whose book you’ve read and enjoyed (or an author whose work you feel has never received the attention – especially internationally – that you believe it deserves), please send me an email. I will ask you to complete the questionnaire and return it to me then will schedule this promotion for publication at a later date.

Alice Major Recommends Ella Zeltserman

Gail Anderson-Dargatz Recommends Julie Paul

Paul Butler Recommends Lesleyanne Ryan

Dave Margoshes Recommends Connie Gault

Nicholas C. Rossis Recommends Charles E. Yallowitz

Demetra Angelis Foustanellas Recommends Rosemary Nixon

Gail Bowen Recommends Suzanne North

Felicity Harley Recommends Eliza Sherlock

Robert Runté Recommends Dave Duncan

Hubert O’Hearn Recommends Young Irelanders

Mike Robbins Recommends Eddie Mark

Steven Mayoff Recommends Jeff Bursey

J.P. McLean Recommends Elinor Florence

Ann Ireland Recommends Nino Ricci

David Poulsen Recommends Ted Barris

Robert Runté Recommends Playground of Lost Toys

Maria Savva Recommends Maria Haskins

Aritha van Herk Recommends George Melnyk

Hendrik Slegtenhorst Recommends Robert Melançon

Bruce Hunter Recommends Cecelia Frey

Betty Jane Hegerat Recommends Glen Huser

Gwenith Whitford Recommends Kristine Simelda

Fran Kimmel Recommends Leslie Greentree

Allan Hudson Recommends Jason Lawson

Betty Jane Hegerat Recommends Dianne Harke

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