Jorja DuPont-Olivia – update on a new novel

Jorja Dupont-Olivia was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in July 2014, and is back now to tell us about her new novel.


Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest
by Jorja DuPont-Olivia
New Adult/contemporary women’s fiction/magical realism

Lizzy and Dee are chasing butterflies once again, this time in the Mystical Forest. Life is often something other than what we think it is. When darkness takes over, we can stay in the shadows or step out and search for truth, which brings light.

Dee’s search takes her to the Mystical Forest where secrets are abundant. As she grapples with what’s real and what is not, Dee’s precious friendship with Lizzy may be at stake.

Alone in her travels, will Dee find her true path? Will her quest for happiness be found in a mysterious childhood chest? Can a family curse she discovers be broken? Is Dee’s fate to be alone her entire life? The answers lie hidden somewhere in the Mystical Forest.

Where to purchase:
Available in eBook, paperback, hardcover
Book A Million
Barnes and Noble

MM Jaye

MM Jaye offers an interesting concept to her Aegean Lovers series of romance novels … All eBooks will be published in “Clean” and “Spicy” versions.

MM JayeMM Jaye Maria Messini, but I pen under MM Jaye

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Fate Accompli is the first book in the Aegean Lovers Series, a contemporary romance in a Greek island setting.

Quick description: Fate Accompli is a character-driven story of how, even though two people are clearly meant to be together, a faulty self-image on the heroine’s part and deeply ingrained yet warped perceptions on the hero’s part drive them apart. But Fate has other plans. Monica and Alex share a passionate relationship, but as the storyline is a lot stronger than their intimate moments, I created both a Clean version (without the bedroom scenes) and a Spicy one to appeal to all types of romance readers.


Brief biography:
MM Jaye is the pen name of Maria Messini, a bilingual Greek native. She is a certified translator and has been teaching the art of translation for over fifteen years. Writing was Maria’s idea of therapy when, back in 2009, her spirits had temporarily nosedived. Fate Accompli is her debut contemporary romance, the first book in the Aegean Lovers Series, available in two heat versions: Clean & Spicy. She lives in Athens, Greece with her husband, daughter and Kindle.

Links to buy MM Jaye’s book:
Amazon Purchase links:
Fate Accompli (Clean Romance)
Fate Accompli (Spicy Romance)

MM Jaye’s promo links:
I love social media and I’m almost everywhere.
MM Jaye also very graciously hosted me in an interview on her site, MMJaye Writes.

What are you working on now?
Fate Captured. This is a prequel to Fate Accompli, and it will be a novella. Again, I’ll create a Clean and a Spicy version, although Trish and Markos have turned out to be too naughty! Hopefully, it will be out early summer 2015.

MM Jaye’s reading recommendation:
It so happens that I’ve just finished reading Nicholas Rossis’ children’s book entitled Runaway Smile. I tried it out of curiosity. How can an epic fantasy author deal with material addressed to children? Apparently this author can. The book is heartwarming and its sweet message (an unshared smile is a wasted smile) conveyed masterfully. You can read Runaway Smile for free here. (Nicholas has also been featured on Reading Recommendations and recently recommended the writing of another author.

Craig McLay

I discovered Craig McLay’s writing through a free offer of his first novel, Village Books, which was about bookstore clerk – so I just had to read it! This novel was so well-written, and so funny, that I immediately contacted Craig and asked if he’d like to be featured here on Reading Recommendations.


What is your latest release and what genre is it? The International Cinema Society (contemporary / humorous fiction)

Quick description: The International Cinema Society is a movie club that is approaching its tenth anniversary just as its members’ lives are coming off the rails. The president is planning to flee the country, the VP is about to marry a woman with a collection of taxidermied superheroes, the treasurer is involved in what turns out to be an enormous Ponzi scheme, and the secretary just almost fell off the Bloor Viaduct. Unless they can get their respective acts together, this may be the beginning of the end of a beautiful membership.

Intl Cinema Society_eBook_hires

Brief biography:
I graduated from journalism at precisely the wrong time. Instead of following the rest of my classmates into a lucrative life of crime, I started writing books. I live in Guelph with my wife, two sons and a cat named after the greatest midfielder in the history of football.

Links to buy Craig’s book:
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK

Craig’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m finishing up the final edit on Whitechapel, which will be coming out soon. (Watch this space!)

Craig’s reading recommendation:
A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace. His adventures aboard The Nadir are worth the price of admission alone.

Tricia Drammeh

meTricia Drammeh

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release is Firebound, book two in the Spellbringers Series. It falls under the young adult paranormal romance heading.

Quick description: The story follows two main characters—Rachel and Alisa. Alisa is an ordinary human, but her best friend and boyfriend are both Spellbringers (wielders of magic). She struggles with feelings of inferiority, and at the same time, fights to maintain a sense of independence as her relationship with her boyfriend progresses and becomes more serious. Rachel is new to the magical world and has to hide her true nature from her family. In order to protect her brother from dangers he isn’t aware of, she forges an alliance with evil. She’s afraid to confide in her friends, so she tries to handle her problems on her own, which only serves to put everyone around her in danger.

firebound kindle cover

Brief biography:
I’m a wife, mother of four, cat lover, and an author. In my spare time (and for a paycheck), I work in accounting. I write paranormal novels for Young Adults and contemporary books for the New Adult audience.

Links to buy Tricia’s book:
Amazon – eBook and paperback

Tricia’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
I’m working on Unbound, which is book three in the Spellbringers series.

Tricia’s reading recommendation:
I’m currently reading E by Kate Wrath. It’s a dystopian novel which is incredibly well-written.

Demetra Angelis Foustanellas

toula 3Demetra Angelis Foustanellas

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Secrets in a Jewellery Box, historical fiction, romance, contemporary women’s

Quick description: Born in Canada to Greek immigrant parents, Elly has dedicated her life to raising her daughter, Nena. As she reaches her teenage years, however, Nena’s desire to reconnect with her father intensifies and she desperately begs Elly to let her visit him in Greece. Nena has never understood her parents’ separation and simply cannot fathom her mother’s less than enthusiastic attitude toward a father/daughter reconciliation.

Nena’s need to see the father she barely knew forces Elly to confront her painful, and often complicated, past. Growing up in a tight-knit – but often suffocating – Greek immigrant community, the adolescent Elly often clashed with her intensely conservative parents. The customs and moral values of the Greek minority lifestyle that her parents forced her to observe left Elly feeling trapped in an identity she could never truly call her own.

Then she meets Perry, a handsome Greek immigrant with whom she is instantly smitten. As a teenage bride, Elly welcomes the chance to escape her parents’ rigid household. However, as Perry’s patriotism and obligations come to light, Elly quickly discovers that she has simply traded one form of frustration for another.

Her marriage to Perry rapidly dissolves, leaving Elly a single mother and more resentful than ever of her Greek heritage. But will her daughter’s desire to reconnect with her father lure Elly back to Greece?

Enjoy this heartwarming tale of Elly’s struggle to find her place in the world.

book cover final (big final)

Brief biography:
Demetra Foustanellas was born in Ottawa, Canada to Greek immigrant parents in 1957. At the age of thirty-one, she relocated to her ancestral home of Greece with her husband and two children. Foustanellas spent the following years observing and researching her own heritage, as well as that of her familial country. Her insight and research are documented within her debut novel, Secrets in a Jewellery Box, a project inspired by experiences extracted from both worlds: the diaspora and Greece.

Foustanellas currently lives with her husband, Diamantis, on the Greek island of Samos with plans on spending half their time in Ottawa, where their children have now returned.

Links to buy Demetra’s book:
Amazon – eBook and paperback
Chapters/Indigo – Kobo eBook
Overdrive – for libraries

Demetra’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Taking a break from writing for the moment to promote my (debut) novel, Secrets in a Jewellery Box.

Demetra’s reading recommendation:
Rosemary Nixon – Are You Ready To Be Lucky?

Thomas Wharton

10438929_10152305171512734_4928994134944451160_n Thomas Wharton

What is your latest release and what genre is it? A novel called Every Blade of Grass. I like to call it an eco-romance, since there’s romance in it as well as environmental thoughts.

Quick description: James Wheeler and Martha Geddes meet at an environmental conference in Iceland and discover a mutual love for strange and wondrous facts about nature. For years they share their discoveries by letter, never meeting but drawing closer through words. When tragedy strikes, words at a distant may not be enough to help a friend back from the darkness.


Brief biography:
Thomas Wharton is the author of the award-winning novels Icefields, Salamander, and the YA fantasy trilogy The Perilous Realm. His short fiction collection The Logogryph was shortlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Prize. He lives in Edmonton and teaches writing at the University of Alberta. His forthcoming novel, Every Blade of Grass, is an eco-romance told in letters.

Links to buy Thomas’s book:
Amazon Worldwide
Print copies available at Audreys Books in Edmonton
and from the author direct

Thomas’s promo links:
Twitter & Twitter

What are you working on now?
Editing some of my fantasical and magic realist short stories, in preparation for putting together a new collection.

Thomas’s reading recommendation:
Stories for the Nighttime, and Some for the Day, by Ben Loory

ED Martin

EDMartinphotoED Martin

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My novel, The Lone Wolf, is women’s fiction.

Quick description: Kasey Sanford is devastated when she finds out her husband cheated, but is willing to work things out. Her family moves to a new town, where she has the chance to reinvent herself. She befriends police officer and soldier, Andrew Adams, a man with a troubled past of his own. As things continue to deteriorate with her husband, she must decide if she will repair her marriage and remain with the man she’s always loved, or if she will give up everything she holds dear to save the soul of a man she barely knows, a man who fights her at every step, a man desperate to regain his faith in God, in humanity, and in himself.

the lone wolf official cover

Brief biography:
I’m a writer with a knack for finding new jobs in new places. Born and raised in Illinois, my past incarnations have included bookstore barista in Indiana, college student in southern France, statistician in North Carolina, economic development analyst in North Dakota, and high school teacher in Iowa. I draw on my experiences to tell the stories of those around me, with a generous heaping of “what if” thrown in.

I currently live in Illinois where I job hop while working on my novels and short stories. I’m a member of the Evolved Publishing team.

Links to buy ED’s book:
Amazon – eBook, paperback, audio
Barnes and Noble – Paperback
Smashwords – eBook

ED’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Right now, I’m working on my next novel, A Handful of Wishes, about a kid with a wish-granting genie. I’m also finishing up a collection of related short stories about servicemen and women, The Futility of Loving a Soldier. And I always have several dozen short stories in various stages of completion.

ED’s reading recommendation:
Yesterday: A Story of Reincarnation by Samyann.

Hunter S. Jones

Ms Jones Official 4-14 I am author and rock blogger Hunter S. Jones from Atlanta, GA.

What is your latest release and what genre is it? September Again is the newest release, launched April 15, 2014. It is a dramatic, contemporary coming of age story with a blend of romance and poetry.

Quick description: According to Cherokee beliefs, opportunity will bless you twice.
September Again, second in the series, September Stories, is the follow up to the hugely popular indie sensation, September Ends. September Again finds Liz Snow Savage leaving England. She follows her daughter Zelda Savage back to America after Zelda’s betrayal of her. More drama ensues as Liz looks for meaning in life while Zelda finds her direction after the tragedy of losing Jack O. Savage, The Poet. Set mainly in Chattanooga, Tennessee, September Again chronicles the rhythm of life’s cycles. The ebb and flow of love unravel the mystery of Liz’s past. September Again allows a further glimpse into the intricate web of passion and desire which have entangled Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage for years. Will a chance encounter finally reveal the truth? What act will change the destiny of Liz and Zelda forever? The story of sin, salvation and redemption continues in Book 2 of the September Stories, told through a mosaic of prose with a smattering of poetry.

Magic happens when you least expect it.

Sept Again Lg

Brief biography:
Writer. Exile on Peachtree Street. Lover of all the finer things in life.

The art form I create when writing is much more interesting than anything you will ever know or learn about me. However, since you ask, I have lived in Tennessee and Georgia my entire life, except for one “lost summer” spent in Los Angeles. My first published stories were for a local underground rock publication in Nashville. Since then, I have published articles on music, fashion, art, travel and history.

October 2013 saw the launch of a novel collaboration, September Ends, contemporary fiction laced with romance, erotic and supernatural elements, bound by poetry. This novel is written with an anonymous English poet. September Ends has been labeled an “Indie Sensation” due the critical reception and international recognition the novel has received. The book has been downloaded in every Amazon domain on the planet. It has achieved #1 status on Amazon for World Literature, #1 in British Poetry and #1 in Contemporary Poetry.

The first installment of The Fortune Series, Fortune Calling, released in January 2014, is the story of Dallas Fortune, a musician from Nashville who has been dealt a bad hand by fate, but finds her way. It has been #1 on Amazon in Contemporary Fiction featuring Performing Arts and #1 in Contemporary Short Stories.

Look for the next September story, September Again, released on Amazon on April 15, 2014.

Links to buy Hunter’s book:
Amazon International Purchase Link

Hunter’s promo links:
You can connect with me at the following social media sites:
Expats Post
Blog – Exile on Peachtree Street

What are you working on now?
Right now? Right now I’m working on a blog for the upcoming Art Rocks Athens GA event which will celebrate the art that shaped the music of Athens GA in the 1970s-1980s.

Hunter’s reading recommendation:
Recently I’ve been enjoying MODS: The New Religion by Paul Anderson, released by Omnibus Press. It’s the story of the Mods from the 1960s – their music, fashion. Fantastic read. I discovered it in London at the London Book Fair. I highly recommend it.

Thank you very much for featuring me today!

Jorja DuPont Oliva

041_41blog pictureJorja DuPont Oliva

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden
New Adult/contemporary women’s fiction/magical realism

Quick description: Lizzy and Dee discover true friendship in the magical garden we call life. As their small town grows so do they. To each girl, the butterflies mean something different. They learn along the way that if they look beyond the things they cannot see, they may find what we are looking for.


Brief biography:
Jorja DuPont Oliva is a small town girl with big dreams. She is a small business owner, a wife, a mother and a lover of animals. She has always been intrigued with the ironies of life. After chasing her own butterflies -the opportunity to write a book – it magically appeared. Jorja has completed Book Two of the Chasing Butterflies Series and hopes to have it released fall 2014. Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest

Links to buy Jorja’s book:
AMAZON – eBook, Hardcover, Paperback
Amazon Worldwide – eBook
Barnes and Noble – paperback

Jorja’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Chasing Butterflies book number three is in the works!

Jorja’s reading recommendation:
All of Sarah Addison Allen’s books had me hooked. She is the reason I started writing. I would read all of her magical worlds and see how my life was just as magical!

Belinda G. Buchanan

Belinda 1Belinda G. Buchanan

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My newest release is titled Seasons of Darkness, and I would classify it as edgy, contemporary women’s fiction.

Quick description: A young man tries to cope with his mother’s suicide in this stand-alone prequel to After All Is Said And Done. Left alone with his controlling father, sixteen-year-old Ethan Harrington struggles to live among the shattered remains of a family that was never functional to begin with. His memories of his mother as she battled her mental illness are tenderly told in vivid flashbacks that weave throughout the story.

Seasons of Darkness Layers reddest Kindle cover

Brief biography:
I wrote my first novel while still working nearly twenty years ago. I would write my thoughts and ideas down on scraps of paper and sticky notes and then come home and beat a path to my computer. I have three books out: After All Is Said And Done (a novel about infidelity, healing & forgiveness), The Monster of Silver Creek (a mystery/romance set in a small town in Montana), and the aforementioned Seasons of Darkness. I currently live in Kentucky with my husband and two sons as well as a menagerie of animals. Besides being a mom and author, I am also a professional hamster wrangler and firm believer that Krazy Glue can fix anything.

Links to buy Belinda’s book:
Amazon Worldwide – eBook and paperback
Smashwords – eBook
Barnes & Noble – eBook
iTunes – eBook

Belinda’s promo links:
Readers can visit my website and blog to find out what’s new, and read special excerpts from my books. While there you can also have a look at my character pics. I love to chat as much as I like to write so come find me on Facebook or Twitter. And if you’re a pinner, look me up on Pinterest. I’m also on YouTube.

What are you working on now?
Besides writing women’s fiction, I also write mystery/romance and am currently in the middle of penning the sequel to The Monster of Silver Creek. It is tentatively titled Penance at Silver Creek. It’s coming along and I hope to release an excerpt for my readers very soon.

Belinda’s reading recommendation:
I am, and always will be, a fan of Danielle Steel, but I really like Katherine Owen’s books. I have read Not to Us, which was fantastic, and hope to read This Much Is True when my time allows.