Bruce Meyer – update on a new anthology

Bruce Meyer has previously been featured on Reading Recommendations promoting his own book of poetry and with a guest post about writing on my main blog. He’s back now with news of an anthology he has edited for Exile Editions that I believe is an important publication.

CLI-FI: Canadian Tales of Climate Change
The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Fourteen

Edited by Bruce Meyer
Published by Exile Editions

With the world facing the greatest global crisis of all time – climate change – personal and political indifference has wrought a series of unfolding complications that are altering our planet, and threatening our very existence. Reacting to the warnings sounded by scientists and thinkers, writers are responding imaginatively to the seriousness of changing ocean conditions, the widening disappearance of species, genetically modified organisms, increasing food shortages, mass migrations of refugees, and the hubris behind our provoking Mother Earth herself. These stories of Climate Fiction (Cli-fi) feature perspectives by culturally diverse Canadian writers of short fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and futurist works, and transcend traditional doomsday stories by inspiring us to overcome the bleak forecasted results of our current indifference.

Authors: George McWhirter, Richard Van Camp, Holly Schofield, Linda Rogers, Sean Virgo, Rati Mehrotra, Geoffrey W. Cole, Phil Dwyer, Kate Story, Leslie Goodreid, Nina Munteanu, Halli Villegas, John Oughton, Frank Westcott, Wendy Bone, Peter Timmerman, Lynn Hutchinson Lee, with an afterword by internationally acclaimed writer and filmmaker, Dan Bloom.

Where to purchase Cli-fi
Independent Bookstores

And if you are in Toronto on May 7th, the book will be launched …

CLI-FI: Canadian Tales of Climate Change
Sunday, May 7, at the SUPERMARKET Restaurant & Bar
268 Augusta Avenue (Kennsington Market) 3:00–5:30
Readings start at 3:30
Featuring: Geoffrey W. Cole, Rati Mehrotra, Peter Timmerman, Leslie Goodreid, Halli Villegas,
John Oughton, Nina Munteanu, Lynn Hutchinson-Lee

Pamela McDowell

IMG_3233Pamela McDowell

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Ospreys in Danger is a chapter book for young readers aged 7 – 9.

Quick description: Ospreys in Danger is an ecological adventure that develops the concept of environmental stewardship and the idea that kids can make a difference. When an osprey nest atop an electrical pole catches on fire, Cricket and her best friend find three abandoned baby ospreys hiding in the grass. Caring for the chicks is challenging. The birds are noisy, hungry and very picky eaters, and the girls can’t wait to get them back to the rebuilt nest. But the power company doesn’t want the birds living on the electrical pole. How can Cricket reunite the baby birds with their parents?

Ospreys - high res

Brief biography:
Pamela has written 26 non-fiction books for children and is looking forward to the release of 9 more this fall. Before she started writing, Pamela taught junior high and high school in Alberta and British Columbia. She looks forward to returning to the classroom to share Ospreys in Danger with students in Grades 2 and 3.

Links to buy Pamela’s book:
Orca Books – paperback and eBooks
Amazon – Kindle and paperback

Pamela’s links:

What are you working on now?
Cricket and her friends were so much fun that I am continuing to write about their adventures with wildlife in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Pamela’s reading recommendation:
Janet Gurtler must be a teenager in an adult body. In Who I Kissed and I’m Not Her, Janet captures the adolescent voice and creates a compelling story.

Jo Marshall

Jo Marshall PHOTO 1 (2)Jo Marshall

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Twig Stories ~ Leaf & the Long Ice – eco-literature fantasy for ages 8-12

Quick description: An impish, stick creature called Leaf lives in a giant, old tree beneath an ancient volcano and its melting glacier. One day, Leaf’s young brothers run away to play in the vanishing snow, but soon the Twig twins are lost in a maze of endless ice tunnels. With the help of a grumpy hermit and feisty pika, Leaf searches the blue tubes. But it is the rare beasts of the Long Ice who will decide their fate!

Illustrated by Disney artist D.W. Murray (film credits Mulan, Tarzan, Brother Bear and many more!)

Twig Stories royalties are shared with nonprofit groups concerned with wildlife protection, climate change research, nature conservancy, and forest preservation.

Twig Stories ~ Leaf & the Long Ice - front cvr

Brief biography:
Jo Marshall lives in the Pacific Northwest near volcanoes, rainforests, and coastal wetlands. She spent many years volunteering as a literacy tutor and also worked as a legal assistant for the General Counsels of two nonprofits. Jo earned a B.A. in German Language and Literature from the University of Maryland, Europe. She enjoys mysteries, puzzles, board games, and Big Band era music. She resides in Snohomish, Washington with her family.

Links to buy Jo’s book:
Createspace: 20% discounts via the Twig Stories website Store

Paperback & ebooks available via worldwide

Leaf & the Rushing Waters
Leaf & the Sky of Fire
Leaf & the Long Ice

Leaf & the Rushing Waters
Leaf & the Sky of Fire
Leaf & the Long Ice

Jo’s promo links:
AMAZON.COM Author page
Facebook book/fan page
Facebook author page
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What are you working on now?
Leaf & Echo Peak

Jo’s reading recommendation:
Spillover by David Quammen

Leaf & the Long Ice full book cover