Barbara Geiger

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What is your latest release and what genre is it? Middlehill Book 1: Changeling. It’s a paranormal gay romance.

Quick description: Changeling started out as an Id Fic* that was going to about a prostitute with a heart of gold doing whatever he could to protect his brother from the life he was forced to live, but it evolved into something so much more. The book might be about a young person who is starting out on his very first real relationship after being hurt and betrayed and broken to the point where he didn’t think that he would dare inflict his damaged life on a normal person, but it evolved into a story about a young man who never stopped trying to fight against impossible odds just so that he could keep his brother with him. The idea that he could be capable of loving another, and having that other love him was beyond impossible. So when he finds a man who seems absolutely perfect on the outside and on the inside, for once he could see himself as actually being happy. But in this world, there is magic in sacrifice, so when he has to give up his lover for his brother, anything is possible.

*”The premise is a celebration of those fics you should be ashamed of enjoying and you know they’re kinda bad but you can’t help it, you love them anyways: id!fic.” From Actually A Little Bit Poignant


Brief biography:
Barbara was born and raised in northern Alberta. She began slashing her characters before she even knew what slash was. She started writing as Angela Fiddler with her Master of the Lines series, which was for a darling friend who requested a birthday present involving hot, gay, kinky vampires, and is now dabbling in a connected universe. The Tempest series, starting with Coral Were his Bones, exists in the same universe as Changeling.

When she’s not following the exploits of selkies, sex demons and vampires, she writes epic fantasy and makes the occasional foray into science fiction and short stories.

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What are you working on now?
Last year was a crazy year for me. I wrote eight books over the course of it, and all but one of them is contracted out. I’d love to be working on something new, but just like picking the house seems like the most difficult part to buying your first house for all the paperwork that’s involved, typing “The End” on a manuscript is the easiest part of publishing. I just finished a rewrite on the sequel to Coral Were His Bones, my selkie story set in BC (Though it would be easier to just say Victorian Selkies, there’s nothing steampunk about them) Coral came out in May. I’m in the opening quarter of the rewrite of Book Two in the Middlehill series. I’d really like to work on something new this year. That’s my goal – to have a new story started.

Barbara’s reading recommendation:
Megan Whalen Turner’s The Thief series is absolutely the most delightful, if at times quite brutal, series I’ve read in a very long time. I also have loved everything that Marian Keyes has put out under her own name.

Detlef Karthaus

I first met Detlef Karthaus in 2004 when my sister asked me to attend an Esperanto Club meeting in Toronto. Detlef has since retired and is now translating texts from English and German into Esperanto. I asked him to provide me with a translation of his replies to my questions so that this could be the first Reading Recommendations promotion offered to you in a bilingual version, English/Esperanto. This is also my first promotion of a translator. smt

autorportreto 001Detlef Karthaus

Esperanto and Esperantists – video

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest book is Telenio, an Esperanto translation of Teleny, atributed to Oscar Wilde, but likely a collaboration with Wilde and some of his friends.

Mia lasta libro estas Telenio, traduko de Teleny atribuita al Oscar Wilde, sed verŝajne verkita de Wilde kun iuj de siaj amikoj.

Quick description: Teleny is a gay erotic novel in the style of Victorian literature. It has made its mark for likely being the first gay novel in the English language. The book presented a number of translation challenges, not the least of which was to find an unexpurgated version in English. It was written for well-educated people in the 19th century and is filled with quotes from literature, mythology, and the Bible without any indication of source. This required extensive research and resulted in over two hundred footnotes. For readers who understand both English and Esperanto, I make bold to suggest that my Esperanto translation, being thus annotated, makes the work more accessible.

Telenio estas geja erotika romano en la stilo de la viktoriana epoko. La romano estas elstara pro tio ke ĝi verŝajne estis la unua geja romano en la angla lingvo. La libro prezentis nemalmultajn defiojn por la tradukinto, el kiuj la unua estis la problemo trovi necenzuritan version en la angla. La romano estis verkita por bone edukitaj homoj de la 19a jarcento kaj tial abundas je citaĵoj el beletraĵoj, mitologio kaj la Biblio sen fontindikoj. Tio postulis vastan esploradon, kiu resultis en pli ol ducent piednotoj. Por legantoj kiuj komprenas kaj la anglan kaj Esperanton, mi aŭdacas sugesti ke mia esperanta traduko, tiel prinotita, igas la verkon pli komprenebla.


Brief biography:
Born in Germany, I came to Canada as a child in the 1950’s. I was young enough to learn English to native-speaker proficiency, but old enough to remember when English was a foreign language. This linguistic awareness created an interest in languages in general. I studied French and German at Laurentian University, School of Translators and Interpreters, and after retirement I studied Spanish at Ryerson University. Esperanto is the only language that I managed to teach myself. Teleny is my third Esperanto translation, the first two being novels by Hermann Hesse, Demian, and Siddhartta, translated from the German. For those interested in learning Esperanto I’m also a tutor for the 10 lesson Free Esperanto Course.

Mi naskiĝis en Germanujo kaj venis al Kanado, kiel infano, en la 1950aj jaroj. Mi estis sufiĉe juna por lerni la anglan kiel denaskulo, sed sufiĉe aĝa por memori kiam la angla estis fremda lingvo. Tiu lingva konsciiĝo vekis intereson pri lingvoj ĝenerale. Mi studis la francan kaj germanan en la tradukista ernejo de Laurentian University, kaj post emeriteco mi studis la hispanan ĉe Ryerson University. Esperanto estas la ununura lingvo kiun mi sukcesis lerni aŭtodidakte. Telenio estis mia tria esperanta traduko. Antaŭe aperis du romanoj de Hermann Hesse, Demian kaj Sidarto, ambaŭ tradukitaj el la germana. Por anglalingvanoj kiuj volas lerni Esperanton, mi estas instruisto de la 10 leciona Free Esperanto Course.

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My publisher is Mondial.
Mia eldonisto estas Mondial.

Also available at Amazon
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Demian and Sidarto – eBook and paperback

What are you working on now?
My next translation will be a novella by Stefan Zweig
Mia venonta traduko estos novelo de Stefan Zweig.

’Nathan Burgoine

Nathan Burgoine photo’Nathan Burgoine

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release is Light, and it’s a gay contemporary spec-fic.

Quick description: Kieran Quinn is a bit telepathic, a little psychokinetic, and very gay—three things that have gotten him through life perfectly well so far—but when self-styled prophet Wyatt Jackson arrives during Pride Week, things take a violent turn.

And best of luck, ‘Nathan, as Light has been nominated in the Lambda Awards!! Here’s the news about that in a blog post.

Kieran’s powers are somewhat underwhelming but do have a habit of refracting light into spectacular rainbows for him to hide behind. Even so, it’s not long before Kieran is struggling to maintain his own anonymity while battling wits with a handsome cop, getting some flirting in with a hunky leather man, saving some drag queens, and escaping the worst blind date in history. It’s enough to make a fledgling hero want to give up before he even begins.

One thing’s for sure: saving the day has never been so fabulous.

Light 300 DPI

Brief biography:
’Nathan Burgoine grew up a reader and studied literature in university while making a living as a bookseller—a job he still does, and still loves. He has dozens of short stories published, and one novel, Light.

A cat lover, ‘Nathan managed to fall in love and marry Daniel, who is a confirmed dog person. They recently adopted a husky. They live in Ottawa, Canada, where socialized health care and gay marriage have yet to cause the sky to cave in.

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What are you working on now?
I just finished a novella – my first novella – for a project Jerry L. Wheeler is working on that I’m very excited about. It’s called In Memoriam and it’s just starting its journey in the pipeline for publication. I’m also trying to get back to the world of short stories again, now that Light is out and In Memoriam is done. I love short fiction, and it feels like coming home.

cub cover
’Nathan’s reading recommendation:
Jeff Mann’s Cub is a brilliant new YA title that I really hope ends up getting the praise and attention it deserves. The vast majority of small-town gay young adult tales generally involve the city as the goal. In Cub, you don’t find the typical gay kid desperate to escape the farm for the bright lights of the city. Instead, you meet Travis: someone not at all at odds with his rural upbringing, a poet and a passionate young man who isn’t like any youth I’ve read in gay young adult literature before.

’Nathan Burgoine also contributed to the anthology, a family by any other name, published earlier this spring. Both Bruce Gillespie, editor of the book, and Betty Jane Hegerat, another contributor, were previously promoted on Reading Recommendations!