Andrew Peters


What is your latest release and what genre is it? It’s called Subtraction and is a crime novel set in 60s Las Vegas

Quick description: The story of a somewhat enigmatic figure, Professor Mark Paris, who finds himself at a loose end, so decides to start helping people with their problems. Problem #1 is an acquaintance who wakes up with a dead blonde in his bed, and this is swiftly followed by a lady in the hospitality industry who is being intimidated. Along the way we find out as much about Paris as we do about the crimes.


Brief biography:
Born in the swamps of Glamorgan, I have wandered the world, generally with a guitar in hand.

Here I am in a beautiful village in central Spain, where the sun shines, the lake is warm, the drink is cheap and the people and animals are friendly.

I share my place with two gorgeous local cats, more guitars than I can count, my outstanding collection of suits, hats & shoes and a fridge full of wine.

I started writing in June 2012 and now have 4 books of short stories, 6 novels & 3 Kindle-only novellas available on Amazon

Links to buy Andrew’s book:
Amazon Worldwide – eBook

What are you working on now?
Nothing at all, I am waiting for Amazon to sell out of all my current books before I bother writing anything else.

Andrew’s reading recommendation:
Gumshoe by Paul D Brazill