Ann Ireland Recommends Nino Ricci


by Nino Ricci

Genre: Literary Fiction

Just finished Nino Ricci’s new novel, SLEEP. Nervy tough book, and really smart. He enters the Shadow Self via his main character David, whose brain is messed up because of a sleep disorder. So he gets stuck in shadow-self. A place, ahem, one or two of us might recognize only too well. He self-destructs and behaves badly at every turn. There is no handy redemption scene at the end. He has no one to blame but himself.Nino-by-Rafy-1-C-web-300x200

Why I recommend this book: Highly recommend, though it ain’t no walk in the park. Ricci takes on the tiresome need for a ‘sympathetic character’ and upends it. David is not sympathetic or nice, but heck, he sure is interesting. And sentence by sentence, Ricci ventures fearlessly into the mind of a seriously effed up man. I may flinch, but yes, I do want to go there, I do want to find out, I do want access to our darker self. And make no mistake, when I say ‘our’, I’m saying I am complicit.

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Guest reviewer’s latest title or project: Fall 2015: A feature on sculptor James Carl in Canadian Art Magazine. 2014 a novel , The Blue Guitar ( novelist James Banville has seized this title this fall for his own novel. I’m hoping people will buy mine by mistake). I am putting the final touches to a new novel called, WHERE’S BOB? It is about, in part, a middle aged woman and her elderly mother who are spending a week at an all inclusive Mexican resort, and inadvertently become tangled up with the drug cartels. (Ann Ireland was previously featured on Reading Recommendations.)

Ann Ireland

I have been a fan of Ann Ireland’s writing since she won the Seal First Novel Award in 1985. I enrolled in several online writing courses with Ann through the Chang School of Continuing Education and highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and supportive teacher. I’ve read all her novels and enjoy her writing immensely, so I’m pleased to now feature Ann Ireland on Reading Recommendations!

unnamed Ann Ireland

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The Blue Guitar – Literary Fiction

Quick description: Musicians from all over the world gather in Montreal for an International competition. It’s make or break time. A lapse of memory, a broken fingernail, a shaky right hand can ruin years of preparation.

Blue Guitar

Brief biography:
I am Academic Coordinator of Writing Workshops department for Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education. I teach on line writing courses there. Past president of PEN Canada. Award winning author of four novels. I also write feature articles/interviews for Canadian Art Magazine and I’m a mentor through the Canadian Senior Artists Network.

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What are you working on now?
Finishing a novel: WHERE’S BOB?

Ann’s reading recommendation:
The Visiting Privilege: short story collection, 2015, by Joy Williams