Z.R. Southcombe

IMG_20140812_214029Hm, my name should be an easy question, but it’s actually not! My name is Zenobia, most people know me as ‘Zee’, and I write under my initials, Z.R. Southcombe

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The Caretaker of Imagination was released on the 21st of March 2015. It’s a children’s chapter book, but it’s for grown-up kids as well, and fits in the adventure / fantasy genre. The book features pirates, a dragon, and (of course) cupcakes.

Quick description: Bored with his normal life, John Carroll runs away with his faithful cat in search of adventure. When he meets a real-life pirate, John realizes there is much more to the world than he’d ever thought possible – that magic is real, and in desperate need of a hero.

John must convince the (once fearsome) Captain Simon Peabody to join him on a fantastic and perilous quest to find the only person who can save magic from being lost forever: the Caretaker of Imagination.

Final Cover A

Brief biography:
Z.R. Southcombe is a children’s fantasy writer and surrealist painter. She is the author of recently released picture book What Stars Are Made Of and upcoming chapter book The Caretaker of Imagination.

She usually has a few creative projects on the go, including a personal blog, and is always inspired by the young people she meets in her teaching job. No matter what project she is currently working on, Z. R. is usually accompanied by a cup of tea.

Links to buy Z.R. Southcombe’s book:
Pt Chev Bookshop, New Zealand (print book)

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Email: zeesouthcombe (at) gmail.com

What are you working on now?
In this series, I’ve got the second book with my illustrator and am working on the third book’s draft. I’m also working closely with author Anne Vrankovich to publish some of her children’s books, as well as doing some more personal paintings of my own.

Z.R. Southcombe’s reading recommendation:
One book I was introduced to this year and LOVED is an oldie: The Ship That Flew. It’s by Hilda Lewis, who was a novelist, and wrote this for her children so they wouldn’t get bored when they went on holiday and forgot to take books with them! It’s got a C.S. Lewis feel to the writing (though they’re not related as far as I know) and touches on Nordic mythology.

Pamela McDowell

IMG_3233Pamela McDowell

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Ospreys in Danger is a chapter book for young readers aged 7 – 9.

Quick description: Ospreys in Danger is an ecological adventure that develops the concept of environmental stewardship and the idea that kids can make a difference. When an osprey nest atop an electrical pole catches on fire, Cricket and her best friend find three abandoned baby ospreys hiding in the grass. Caring for the chicks is challenging. The birds are noisy, hungry and very picky eaters, and the girls can’t wait to get them back to the rebuilt nest. But the power company doesn’t want the birds living on the electrical pole. How can Cricket reunite the baby birds with their parents?

Ospreys - high res

Brief biography:
Pamela has written 26 non-fiction books for children and is looking forward to the release of 9 more this fall. Before she started writing, Pamela taught junior high and high school in Alberta and British Columbia. She looks forward to returning to the classroom to share Ospreys in Danger with students in Grades 2 and 3.

Links to buy Pamela’s book:
Orca Books – paperback and eBooks
Amazon – Kindle and paperback

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What are you working on now?
Cricket and her friends were so much fun that I am continuing to write about their adventures with wildlife in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Pamela’s reading recommendation:
Janet Gurtler must be a teenager in an adult body. In Who I Kissed and I’m Not Her, Janet captures the adolescent voice and creates a compelling story.