Steve Boseley

steve-face-bw-big Steve Boseley

What is your latest release and what genre is it? A Sinister Six: A collection of six darkly disturbing stories Genre – Horror / Dark fiction

Quick description: A Sinister Six is a collection of darkly disturbing stories, where the ordinary and mundane become extraordinary and fantastic.

Journey to the edges of reality and glimpse what lies just beyond our reach. Discover that nothing is quite what it seems, and explore the horrors that travel with us throughout our lives.

The characters within have been forced beyond the boundary of their reality and have encountered what lies beyond.


Brief biography:
Steve writes horror and disturbing fiction that has appeared in many online horror publications, as well as in several horror anthologies. He has also had work published by Alfie Dog Fiction. His first novella, Die, Blossom, Bloom, was published in 2016, quickly followed by his first collection of short stories, A Sinister Six. Steve wants to connect with readers by writing about the ordinary and mundane, but making it extraordinary and fantastic, giving readers a glimpse of what lies just beyond the edges of their realities.

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What are you working on now?
My next book! It will be another collection of short stories, similar in style to the ones within A Sinister Six. No title yet. Some of the stories were completed in last year’s NaNoWriMo. They just need editing!

Steve’s reading recommendation:
Keeping with the theme of short stories, I’m currently reading (and enjoying) C.S. Boyack’s 2nd Experimental Notebook. I am also loving the short fiction of Algernon Blackwood.

Nicholas C. Rossis

book photo NRNicholas C. Rossis

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release is Pearseus: Mad Water, the third book in the epic fantasy series Pearseus. Like the other two books in the series, it has reached #1 on Amazon.

Quick description: Described as “Game of Thrones meets Dune,” Pearseus is a dark epic fantasy series with a sci-fi twist that takes ancient Greek history and myths and transports them to space.

It’s New Year’s Eve, the year of 2099, but the distinguished guests aboard the Pearseus won’t get to countdown seconds; soon they’ll be counting bodies and survivors after the spaceship’s crash landing on another planet.

The good news? The planet is seemingly hospitable both in resources and in terms of the natives’ attitude towards earthlings.

The bad news? They might have come on this planet bare of possessions, but what they haven’t been able to shed are the shortcomings of their human nature. Will that be the sole threat to a unified future, or is the new land and its first inhabitants not as innocent as they look?

The third book describes the events following Cyrus’ meteoric rise to the highest position in the Capital. A rise that has seen him betray everything he believed in.

Cover Box Set (1-3) 700

Brief biography:
Avid reader. Web developer. Architect by training, holder of a PhD in Digital Architecture from the University of Edinburgh. Now, author.

Nicholas loves to write. His first children’s book, Runaway Smile, is currently being illustrated. As well as his epic fantasy series, Pearseus, he has also published The Power of Six, a collection of short sci-fi stories.

He lives in Athens, Greece, in the middle of a forest, with his wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is always sitting on his lap, so please excuse any typos in his blog posts: typing with one hand can be hard. Mercifully, all his books are professionally edited!

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I suggest that people start with Rise of the Prince: Amazon – eBook and print

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What are you working on now?
The fourth book in the Pearseus series, plus a second collection of short science-fiction stories. Also, my first children’s book.

Nicholas’s reading recommendation:
I’ve read a number of great books lately, especially from Indie authors. I particularly enjoyed Nat Russo’s Necromancer: Awakening, but I could easily list a dozen ones!

Nicholas and Meli

Madeleine Swann

author-picMadeleine Swann

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The Filing Cabinet of Doom: 17 Bizarro Short Stories – Surreal comedy/dark fiction

Quick description: It’s a collection of short stories including a novella of the same name. Set in a black and white, soundless realm, three people journey to the Head Office of the Council to find out why a psychic from a travelling carnival claims the world is about to end.


Brief biography: I have written for magazines including Bizarre and The Dark Side. I have stories in anthologies American Nightmare, Polluto Magazine (issue 10), The Strange Edge (website and magazine) and Bizarro Central, among others.

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What are you working on now?
A new collection of short stories and the second draft of a comedy/fantasy/odd/YA novel.

Madeleine’s reading recommendation:
How To Eat Fried Furries by Nicole Cushing.

William Carson

profile 2 William Carson

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Few Far Fallen, Book One of the Rone Cycle – a dark, epic fantasy

Quick description: The Dalin clan are indeed far fallen; the towers in their northern home are deserted of all but memories. The ritualistic murder of one of their own leads to the revelation of old feuds re-awoken, while rival city-states are eager to wrest away what’s left of the Dalin’s failing power. Warlord Gor Dalin is torn between ingrained loyalty to a people who see him as an outsider, and the core humanity he possesses in spite of the bleakness of the world crumbling around him.

Gor, and the few that stand with him, come to realize that even as World’s End draws near, there are some things that cannot be borne. The few and far fallen are all that stand against threats from the Outside.


Brief biography:
I’ve been an avid reader, collector, and advocate of speculative fiction all of my reading life. I spent many years studying and working in various cities on two continents, before finally returning to my prairie hometown.

I have been working in architectural practice ever since, snatching time, whenever I can, to write.

I live in Winnipeg, Canada, with my wife and daughter

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eBook available from:
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Morning Rain Publishing

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What are you working on now?
I’m currently putting a final polish on the second book in the series, and finishing the alpha version of the third.

William’s reading recommendation:
I’m a huge fan of Steven Erikson’s work, who also hails from Winnipeg. Most recently I’ve finished Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Series, and am currently reading some China Mieville

Maria Savva – update on a new book

Previously, Maria Savva was featured on Reading Recommendations. Since that time, she has published a new book that she would like to tell you about in this update. Here’s Maria!

Far Away In Time

The new book is Far Away In Time – a collection of 8 short stories

A quick description: A mixed-genre collection of stories, including mystery/paranormal, fantasy, and dark fiction. When I came up with the title, Far Away In Time, it reminded me of the song, Echo Beach, by Martha and the Muffins. As that’s one of my favourite songs, when I realised that the title was also a line from the song, I decided to tweak a few of the stories so that there are links to that song. Music geeks might notice them. One thing, for example, is that there is a character whose job is an ‘office clerk’ 🙂

Updated bio:
Maria Savva lives and works in London. She studied Law at Middlesex University and The College of Law. She is a lawyer, although not currently practicing law. She writes novels and short stories in different genres, including drama, psychological thriller, and family saga. Many of her books and stories are inspired by her years working as a lawyer, although she has not written a courtroom drama to date. She has published five novels, the most recent of which is Haunted, a crime fiction/psychological thriller. Far Away In Time is her sixth collection of short stories. You can find out more about her work and where to purchase at her official website.

Other Links:
Facebook Page
UK Music Directory

What I’m working on:
A photo-inspired short story collection, in collaboration with other authors, and photographers. Editing my novel A Time to Tell for a second edition.

Maria Savva

Maria Maria Savva

What is your latest release
and what genre is it?

3 – It’s a collection of short stories

Quick description:
3 short stories. Dark fiction – one of the stories has a chilling paranormal theme. The first story is about a young man who has kept a devastating secret for most of his life. The second is about a girl who decides to look for her childhood best friend and makes a shocking discovery. The third story is about a young girl who relives a dark childhood memory.

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Brief biography:
Maria devoured books as a child (not literally, of course). She remains an avid reader/bookworm and can usually be found with a book/Kindle in her hand. She worked as a lawyer for 15 years, and now works at a legal advice centre in a university. She’s published 5 novels, a novella (co-authored by Jason McIntyre), and numerous collections of short stories. Her short stories also appear in the BestsellerBound Anthologies, and in the Mind’s Eye series of books.

Maria is also a music blogger for the UK Arts Directory.

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Links to all Maria’s books, as well as excerpts, book trailers, and lots more can be found on her website.

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Facebook Page
UK Arts Directory

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a second edition of my novel, A Time to Tell, and a new collection of mixed-genre short stories.

(And here is an update on that new collection, Far Away in Time, that previously ran on Reading Recommendations!)

Maria’s reading recommendation:
Andrew Peters. If you haven’t read his Blues Detective series of books, you’re missing out on some hilarious comedy. He also writes more serious crime fiction, like his novel Joe Soap, and short stories that are quite dark, like his collection Solos. A very talented author.