Fran Kimmel Recommends Leslie Greentree

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Book Title and Author:
A Minor Planet for You and Other Stories
By Leslie Greentree
Published by The University of Alberta Press

What genre is it?
Short story collection

Quick description:
A silver goblet, stale-dated hot chocolate, a telescope aimed at minor planets, abandoned black shoes, magic rope, fancy vinegar bottles. In Leslie Greentree’s exotic mix of stellar stories, these and other objects bring to focus the rich inner lives of girls and women as they sort through their imperfect relationships.

A Minor Planet for You Book Cover

Why I recommend this book:
I reread A Minor Planet for You and Other Stories while I was on vacation this February, and it was like Christmas all over again. The characters in these stories remain so dear to me.

Greentree understands the complexities of the human heart and the lies we tell ourselves as we forge our way through that dark and messy labyrinth of relationships. With crisp prose and searing dialogue, she’s able to bring the feelings of hurt and betrayal front and centre.

There is much humour in these 14 stories and many dark moments too. These characters make plenty of missteps as they try to understand themselves and the people surrounding them. They do bad, sometimes despicable, things. But there is an arc of vulnerability throughout the collection, a jumble of raw feelings that make these girls and women both real and empathic.

For more information on Leslie and her writing, please check her website.

Links to buy it:
A Minor Planet for You and Other Stories can be purchased at your favourite online outlet, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Fran Kimmel PhotoGuest reviewer’s latest title or project: Fran Kimmel is at work on her second novel, (the title TBD) about a rural family that takes in a troubled 12-year-old girl over Christmas, turning their notion of family upside down. Fran has been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.

Fran Kimmel

FranKimmel360X480Fran Kimmel

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The Shore Girl is a contemporary novel set in Alberta.

Quick description: Rebee Shore’s life is fragmented. She’s forever on the move, ricocheting around Alberta, guided less than capably by her dysfunctional mother, Elizabeth. The Shore Girl follows Rebee from her toddler to her teen years as she grapples with her mother’s fears and her own desire for a normal life. Through a series of narrators—family, friends, teachers, strangers, and Rebee herself—her family’s dark past, and the core of her mother’s despair, are slowly revealed. Along the way, Rebee learns that hope can be built from grief and that some love can last.

The Shore Girl

Brief biography:
Fran Kimmel writes and teaches in central Alberta. Born and raised in Calgary, Fran has worked all kinds of jobs including youth worker, career counselor, proposal writer, communications coordinator, and VP for a career consulting firm. Fran’s short stories have appeared in many anthologies, including twice in The Journey Prize Stories, and her first novel, The Shore Girl, was winner of the 2013 Alberta Readers’ Choice Award and a Canada Reads Top Forty selection.

Links to buy Fran’s book: (paperback and ebook) (paperback and ebook)
Barns and Noble (paperback and ebook)

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What are you working on now?
I’m working on a second novel about a struggling family that takes in a young runaway over Christmas.

Fran’s reading recommendation:
I just finished reading The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell, which is a shocking yet gentle story of one truly messy family.

Fran was a good sport in taking part in my Where/Who in the World is Reading Island in the Clouds??? promotion. “In the Alberta snow with Fran Kimmel and a fruity alcoholic beverage.”


Inge Bremer-Trueman

IMG_5849 Inge Bremer-Trueman

What is your latest release and what genre is it?
A Root Beer Season
Genre: Coming-of-age fiction that will especially appeal to my fellow thick-around-the-middle cohorts who pine for the simpler times of the 60s. And of course, it was written for anyone who has done their fair share of hot car hanky-panky in an A&W.

Quick description:
A naïve 15 year-old girl gets a job at an A&W in 1967 Edmonton where she discovers she’s not as ready for the grown-up world as she had thought.

rootbeer cover

Brief biography: Inge lives in Calgary where she works at perfecting the art of cooking a meal using more than two ingredients and thinking up creative ways to procrastinate. When all is going well, she works on the sequel to A Root Beer Season.

Links to buy Inge’s book:
Amazon Worldwide for the e-book for the print version

Inge’s promo links:
Crabapple Mews Collective
A Root Beer Season Facebook Page

What are you working on now?
A lot of marketing; a bit of Christmas shopping; that big pile of laundry. Oh! You mean, what am I writing now? The as-yet untitled sequel to A Root Beer Season, due for publication in the spring of 2015.

Inge’s reading recommendation:
My recommendation for a good read: Fran Kimmel’s The Shore Girl. I fell in love with sweet Rebee and I want her to be happy. This book needs a sequel!