Marianne Jones

_CIP1125 Marianne Jones

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Great-Grandma’s Gifts is a children’s picture book

Quick description: It’s the story of a little girl named Arlene who began making clothes for her doll Maggie, grew up to become a mother who sewed for her children, and later became a grandma who created dolls and stuffed animals for her grandchildren from scraps. When her grandchildren grew up, she used her fabric scraps to make them beautiful quilts.


Brief biography:
I am a mother and grandmother, a retired teacher, and the writer of a children’s fantasy novel, The Land of Mogan and a collection of poetry, Here, on the Ground.

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Amazon Wordwide – eBook, Hardcover, Paperback
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What are you working on now?
An as-told-to biography of Linda Stewardson, survivor of attempted murder, abuse, and over 50 suicide attempts, who has received the 2004 Courage to Come Back Award from the Center for Addiction and Canadian Mental Health Association.

Marianne’s reading recommendation:
The Beggar’s Garden by Michael Christie