Hubert O’Hearn – update on the first book in a new series

Hubert O’Hearn has been featured on Reading Recommendations a number of times, and once in Nov. 2015 to announce the new publishing company, Four Freedom Publishing. He’s back now to tell us of the beginning of a new series on dogs he’s publishing through Four Freedom.


The Friendly World of the Border Collie: inside the Minds of the World’s Smartest Dogs
by Hubert O’Hearn
Published by Four Freedom Publishing

From their first breeding in the farmlands of Northumberland and Cumbria in the UK, to their current fame as stars of both movies and television, Border Collies have been best-known for one characteristic: they are the smartest dogs in the world. Because of their intelligence and unique personalities, having a Border Collie about the house raises its challenges. What is it like to own one? Is a Border Collie right for you? Whether you are thinking about purchasing your first dog, or just want to spend enjoyable hours reading about your favourite breed, The Friendly World of the Border Collie will certainly answer all questions about these lively and loving companions and does so with wit and with warmth. The Friendly World series of books are both entertaining and informative about dogs. They are chock-full of trivia, facts about training and health, and illustrated throughout. Any dog lover you know is sure to enjoy each volume.

Where to purchase Hubert’s book: Kindle and Print

Four Freedom Publishing also makes an interesting request to expand their sales reach in this blog post, Attention Retailers.

Ciara Donnelly and Hubert O’Hearn

Hubert O’Hearn has been previously featured on Reading Recommendations a couple of times, but most recently on my main blog when he launched Four Freedom Publishing. Here’s information on the first publication from this new venture that Hubert has co-written with Ciara Donnelly.


Do Angels Breathe?/Repeat: Two One Act Plays with Music
by Hubert O’Hearn and Ciara Donnelly
Published by Four Freedoms Publishing
Genre: Plays

Trapped. What does it mean and can we ever escape? Those are the questions posed within these two one-act plays by Hubert O’Hearn with music by Ciara Donnelly.

Do Angels Breathe? – a religious leader and a rebel Captain caught in a collapsed interrogation cell. Yet who has captured whom and does it matter when both are captured?

Repeat – A young woman suffers a brain aneurysm and her fiance fights two battles: to bring her back to consciousness and against an uncaring system. Who is trapped, him or her?

These plays explore the psychological depths of the struggle for Human Rights. they inform, entertain, and bear deep, thoughtful discussion. They were specifically created by O’Hearn and Donnelly to further the cause of Human Rights and are being made available with no royalty charge to any group willing to support charitable causes devoted to peace, equality or the advancement of minorities.

About the Authors

ciara-1Ciara Donnelly:
Yellowbridge is the guise of indie/folk singer/songwriter and pianist Ciara Donnelly based in Dublin, Ireland.
With an IMRO songwriting nomination under her belt for previous single ‘Circus’ in 2013, a finalist for Hot Press’ Big Break in the same year, a quarter finalist in The Voice of Ireland in 2014, a UK tour with trans-Atlantic Group Malibu Shark Attack and MC Lars following the show and writing credits for Bee Mick See, various House Dj’s and composing music for New Theatre- it’s been a busy 2 years.
Since coming off the MC Lars UK Tour in 2014, Yellowbridge has spent the past couple of months writing for a new release. Yellowbridge began to showcase the fruits of her labour via live videos such a Yellowbridge’s Fundit Campaign which featured an exclusive track from the next full length release entitled ‘The Hunter’, a track entitled ‘Winter City’, a Christmas Cover and a live version of soon to be released single ‘Undone’
‘The beautiful Irish lilt in Ciara Donnelly, aka Yellowbridge’s, vocals hits you hard. Not only is she a great singer but her vocals are honest, and true” NEON Filler: Glastonbury Emerging Talent

Hubert profileHubert O’Hearn:
Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Hubert O’Hearn went on to study and receive degrees in English and Drama at Queen’s University, Education at the same institution, Political Studies at Lakehead University and finally Masters in Education at the University of Windsor.

He first went to work as a speechwriter for the Ontario Government, later becoming a Special Assistant within the Cabinet offices of the Secretariats for Multiculturalism and Disabilities. Later he wrote the Canadian Literature curriculum for the Scarborough Board of Education. From there he worked at Lakehead University for several years assisting within the Registrar’s Office as an advocate for Special Needs students.

It was after a serious illness that O’Hearn returned to his first love of theatre. As an actor, director or playwright he has enjoyed nearly 100 opening nights. As the founding Artistic Director of Actors Repertory Theatre (ART) and the Lakehead University Actors Theatre he trained and developed dozens of new artists who have gone on to success on stage, film and television. He emigrated to his spiritual home of Ireland in 2012.

Where to purchase this book:
Print only available at this time
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Canada

Hubert O’Hearn Recommends Young Irelanders


Young Irelanders
Dave Lordan. ed.

What genre is it?
Short story anthology

Quick description:
Twelve emerging writers who live in Ireland (two were born elsewhere) contribute short stories with the goal of showing the incredible mosaic of thought and talent present in modern Ireland.

Why I recommend this book:
I have always been a great devotee of short stories. They allow for a degree of experimentation in alternative structures and utterly macabre situations that are wearying in longer formats. Over the years, I’ve probably reviewed more short story anthologies than you’ve had hot dinners and this one actually stands as the best I have run across. There are no ‘fillers’, no story you speculate made it in because the writer had slept with the editor. There is all the experimentation and daring situations I referred to, yet even the stories that follow a traditional narrative structure show a maturity in deep exploration of character that any writer in the world would be proud to author. Ireland has always punched above its weight in terms of literary art – a nation of four million, about the population of Toronto, has once again delivered the successors to Wilde, Shaw, Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Doyle … well, you get the point.

Links for people to buy it:
The publisher, New Island Books, can be found at their website.

Hubert profile Hubert O’Hearn’s latest title or project:
On a daily basis I am working with emerging writers myself, through my Six Months to Better Writing course (email me at ohearnofireland (at) for details). In terms of literary output, my collaborator Ciara Donnelly and I are polishing the one-act musical plays we have written, known collectively as The Four Freedom Plays. There is also a new collection of poetry on the horizon, following up on my earlier Random Acts of Love and comprised totally of the poems composed here in Ireland, where I emigrated in 2012.

Hubert O’Hearn was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in April, 2015. Information on Hubert’s Writers’ Pro Shop was also featured on my main blog.

Hubert O’Hearn

While preparing this post, I discovered that Hubert O’Hearn attended Queen’s University at Kingston immediately after I graduated. He also studied English Literature with many of the same professors as I, so we had a delightful chat on Facebook about our memories of those days and the people who taught us. Thanks, Hubert!

Hubert profile Hubert O’Hearn

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Joss Whedon: The Making of a Cult Superhero – biography

Quick description: Critical biography, going into detail on all of Whedon’s written and/or directed TV series, movies, and the comic books he has authored

whedon cover

Brief biography:
Born in Canada, moved to Ireland end of 2012. Wrote Inside Television newspaper column for 12 years. Former book editor, Herald de Paris; currently Contributing Editor/Interviewer for San Francisco Book Review. Six produced plays. Also author Random Acts of Love (poetry).

Links to buy Hubert’s book:

Hubert’s promo links:
Website and Book Review blog

What are you working on now?
1) I’m finishing a suite of four One Act plays on a theme of Human Rights
2) My Human Rights reader (For Freedom Vol. 1: The Fight for Global Human Rights 1948-2015) is due for release this fall
3) And I’m working on a bio of Bono, centered on his work as a Human Rights activist

Hubert’s reading recommendation:
I read (and interviewed) a fantastic new writer based out of San Francisco named Sean Taylor. He has a book of short stories called Your Smallest Bones. He gets it. He really really gets it.