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What is your latest release and what genre is it?
Frock Off: Living Undisguised – Memoirs, Family Relationships

Quick description:
Frock Off is a memoir about the power of blind optimism in the face of adversity, abject poverty, tragedy, neglect, rejection, assault and betrayal.

“With parents tormented by secrets, guilt, and shame, Jo Dibblee quickly learned to protect herself. Faced with her parents’ alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression, along with the sexual assault and stalking of an “upstanding” foster parent, Jo began, early in life, to use a coping strategy she now calls frocking.

With humor and hope, Jo shares the harrowing rollercoaster of her life story and gives the low-down on frocking—how she learned it and used it to survive, how she found it holding her back and what she had to do to, once and for all – Frock Off.

Despite harsh truths, brushes with death and agonizing betrayals, Jo’s heart shines through these pages, offering promise, wisdom and inspiration to any reader who has learned to hide and longs to be free.

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Brief biography:
Jo Dibbee was born in Fort Saint John BC, Canada. She is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, facilitator, bestselling author and entrepreneur.

She currently resides in Calgary with her husband, bonus son, Bella her puppy and Tequila her challenging cat. She is also the mother of two adult children and the grandmother of two adorable grandsons.

She spent the first few months of life sleeping in a cereal box in a one bedroom home shared with nine other family members. Her life could best be described as nomadic.

With good reason, she was a key witness for the RCMP in a murder investigation. She quickly became a frock-wearing, card-carrying, disguise expert for thirty five plus years.

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In Calgary: Self Connection Books

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What are you working on now?
Currently we are working on a frock-alicious life series, supporting guides and future events

Jo’s reading recommendation:
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith