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Lesley CreweLesley Crewe

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Chloe Sparrow is Fiction

Quick description: Chloe  Sparrow  is  25  and  a  television  producer. She   somehow  becomes  involved  with  a  television  series  she  doesn’t  want  and  has  a   terrible  time  trying  to  adjust  to  The  Single  Guy.  Mayhem  ensues  with  her  Gramps   and  Aunt  Ollie,  while  her  best  friend  insists  she  find  a  man.  She’s  ready  to  kill   everyone.    

Chloe Sparrow

Brief biography:
Born in Montreal. Lives in Cape Breton. My eighth novel, Amazing Grace, will be published in September, 2015. I am one of the screenwriters for Relative Happiness, a movie based on my first novel. It’s risen to #2 at the box office for Canadian films, entering its fourth week commercially.  

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What are you working on now?
Nothing at the moment. Too busy with film adventures!
To see my characters come alive was a kick. It’s like my story was suddenly in 3-­D. The entire process has been a gigantic learning curve and I have great admiration for the film industry. Our collaboration has been a blast and I have traveled far and wide for the film in the last seven months. Having my movie shown in my own local theatre is something I’ll never forget.

Relative Happiness

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Trailer for Relative Happiness

Relative Happiness Movie Tie-In edition

Lesley’s reading recommendation:
Hyperbole  and  a  Half  by  Allie  Brosh