R.D. Lawrence

I am very pleased to be able to present to you today the eBook reprint of a book by Canadian author, R.D. Lawrence. Not only was I a sales rep for several of his publications when they were first printed in the 90s, and a bookseller who sold many of his books over the years, but I was thrilled to learn recently that R.D. had made his home in Minden, ON, where our family owned a cottage decades ago. Unfortunately, R.D. Lawrence is no longer with us, but when I met Sharon Lawrence in Minden last year and she told me she would be reissuing many of R.D.’s publications as eBooks, I asked her to share this news with all of you. It is my hope that many new readers will now discover the writing of this great Canadian naturalist, biologist, environmentalist, and animal advocate, and that his legions of fans will be pleased that R.D. Lawrence’s books are once again being made available. smt


R.D. Lawrence

The Ghost Walker – non-fiction (science & nature, animals)

The author of The Zoo That Never Was and Voyage of the Stella has produced another winning nature adventure. Lawrence decides to study the elusive mountain lion in its native habitat and spends ten months alone in the Selkirk Mountains. This is his story of survival, but also the story of the relationship that develops as he tracks a single puma to learn its habits. Sometimes he is the one being stalked, but eventually the animals come to know and trust him.


Brief biography:
Born in Spain, educated at Cambridge University, R.D. Lawrence was a field biologist, naturalist, and journalist, whose work took him to four continents. He explored Canada from coast to coast to coast and championed environmental causes for more than 40 years. He was the author of thirty internationally published books, an inveterate adventurer and a superb storyteller.

Sharon at home 2012 Lyndsay Quinn

Sharon Lawrence is a retired educator, painter, textile artist, speaker and writer. She and her late husband established a private sanctuary in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada where they raised and released injured and orphaned wildlife. Sharon is currently working on her memoirs as well as a book of short stories about the unique animals at the sanctuary.

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Secret Go The Wolves by R.D. Lawrence will be available in eBbook format soon.