Janice Spina – update on a new Paranormal Romance

Janice Spina, who has been featured several times on Reading Recommendations and is included in the Reading Recommendations Revisited list of authors, is back to tell us about a new novel for adults.


How Far is Heaven
by J.E. Spina
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Parker and Priscilla Wilfork are happily married with two children. Life seemed perfect and peaceful until Parker goes on a business trip and does not return. Priscilla finds her world turned upside down when she searches for answers to how and why Parker disappeared.

One night Priscilla has a dream that Parker is an angel. Does this mean that Parker is now dead? After two years and no sign of Parker except in her dreams, Priscilla makes an important decision to tell her children that their father has gone to Heaven.

Priscilla tries to get their lives back together until one day Deanna disappears too. Now Priscilla must go on a quest to find her daughter before it’s too late for she fears that her daughter’s disappearance might be connected in some way to her husband’s. Will Priscilla find her daughter in time? Can Priscilla go on with her life if she loses Deanna too?

With the help of a handsome police Sergeant, Blake Furelli, they work together to try to find Deanna and solve the mystery behind Parker’s disappearance. During this trying time, Blake, who suffered a loss of his own, feels drawn to the ethereal beauty of Priscilla Wilfork.

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Luccia Gray

Lucy Luccia Gray

What is your latest release and what genre is it? I released Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall, book two in the Eyre Hall Trilogy, last August.

Quick description: Following Edward Rochester’s death, Jane Eyre, who has been blackmailed into marrying a man she despises, will have to cope with the return of the man she loved and lost. The secrets she has tried so hard to conceal must be disclosed, giving rise to unexpected events and shocking revelations, including murder, kidnapping, child theft, blackmail, and forbidden love, in this breathtaking family saga, which will move the action from the Yorkshire countryside, to Victorian London, and across the Atlantic Ocean to Colonial Jamaica.

Paperbacks my books

Brief biography:
Luccia Gray was born in London and now lives in the south of Spain with her husband. She has three children and three grandchildren. When she’s not reading or writing, she teaches English at an Adult Education Centre and at the Spanish National University.

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Luccia Gray’s Facebook
Blog, Rereading Jane Eyre

What are you working on now?
I’m working on part three of the Eyre Hall Trilogy, Midsummer at Eyre Hall, which will be published in the spring.

Luccia’s reading recommendation:
I read every day, as much as possible. I usually read (and re-read) classics and contemporary fiction at the same time. I’ve just finished rereading Maria or the Wrongs of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft, and I’m in the middle of Demelza by Winston Graham, which I hadn’t read before, and am thoroughly enjoying.

The latest contemporary novels I’ve read are Midnight and Palomino Sky by Jan Ruth, a contemporary family drama set in Wales, and a romantic comedy by Lizzie Lamb, set in Scotland, Scotch on the Rocks, which has just been shortlisted for the Exeter Book Prize.

Dave Riese

DaveRieseDave Riese

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Echo from Mount Royal, a romance novel

Quick description: Montreal, 1951. Rebecca, an 18-year-old girl from a working class, Catholic-Jewish family falls in love. Her courtship with a handsome man from Westmount fulfills her romantic dreams and his wealth introduces her to a world of upper-class privilege. But class, religion, sexual secrets and family conflict test their love. And then, a late-night telephone call changes her life forever.

Cover for 'Echo from Mount Royal'

Brief biography:
I grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts. I attended Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, majoring in English literature. During my junior year, I studied at Oxford University and travelled in Europe.

After graduating in 1968, I enlisted in the Air Force, avoiding my draft board’s kind invitation to join the army and travel to Vietnam. I married Susan, my high school girlfriend, during leave.

Discharged from the military in 1972, I became a computer programmer. I began writing short stories and a novel, but wasn’t disciplined enough to write much over the next 25 years.

After 35 years in information technology, I retired in the spring of 2012. I had a long talk with myself, “If you want to publish a book, you’d better take writing seriously.” I published a novel, Echo from Mount Royal, in January 2015.

My wife and I live north of Boston. We have a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

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What are you working on now?
My next project?

Authors are superstitious about discussing their next project. They may discover after six months of writing that the novel or memoir isn’t working and abandon it. Inevitably, the writer often underestimates the time required to finish the work (I needed an extra year for my novel), then feels compelled to justify why the book is taking so long to complete. These discussions can be depressing.

Nevertheless, I often ignore my own advice. My next book is about the last years in the lives of the main character’s parents when he faces the fact that they will not be with him much longer. Watching them fail both physically and mentally causes him to confront his own mortality. The novel will explore how memories change over time to reveal one’s parents in a different light. Of course, there will be juicy family secrets. I hope to show how memories both deceive us and encourage us to reexamine our lives.

And, no, I do not know when it will be finished.

Dave’s reading recommendation:
I’m partial to Irish authors. Recently, I enjoyed the novel Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.

J.A. Stinger

AuthorsPicMy name is Jennifer Stinger. However, I write under J.A. Stinger.

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release is called Generations Beyond. It’s a military sci-fi book with elements of romance.

Quick description: There were secret human experiments conducted on military personnel and civilians without their knowledge. The last recorded name of this initiative was MKUltra. It was thought to be a failure since none of the test subjects displayed traits that the scientists were aiming for. When the project came to light in the early 1970s, it was shut down and most of the official documentation was destroyed.

Descendants of the test subjects have begun to appear with abilities similar to what was in the MKUltra files. The military is now scrambling to find them, labeled Generations, before their secret is out. Keeping in the fine military tradition, those that will not join them are labeled a threat and are treated as such.


Brief biography:
I was born in Vero Beach, FL. My co-author is my husband, who I met through an online writing forum. We started writing seriously after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and needed a creative outlet. I’m a wife, mother, and Army veteran. We lived in the Midwest before relocating to the Greater Atlanta Metro area.

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Barnes & Noble
24 Symbols

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My Blog

What are you working on now?
Right now, my husband and I are working on the third book in the series, Generations Gone. Generations Beyond is the first book. Generations Unbound is the second and is currently being edited.

J.A. Stinger reading recommendation:
I would strongly recommend the novel I Hero: The Beginning by Jason Zandri. I met Jason through an online book club where we help promote, and sometimes inspire, each other.

Brittney Sahin

coverphoto (2)Brittney Sahin

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Silenced Memories. Romance Suspense. (Book 1, Marine Special Forces Series– stand-alone)

Quick description: Kate Adams has never found it difficult to keep a professional relationship with her clients, but then she’s never had a client like Michael Maddox. Tension mounts between them as Kate discovers she has major problems—an untraceable stalker and a dangerous past. As Michael steps in to help her, she is worried about his own secrets. Although he may save her, she is worried he will break her heart.


Brief biography:
Brittney Sahin began writing at an early age, with the dream to be a published author before the age of 18. Although academic pursuits (and, later, a teaching career) interrupted her aspirations, she never stopped writing—never stopped imagining. In 2015, she published her first novel, Silenced Memories. When she is not working on upcoming novels, she spends time with her family. She is a proud mother of a spunky toddler and a lover of suspense novels, coffee, and the outdoors.

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Amazon (paperback/ebook)
B&N (paperback/ebook)

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What are you working on now?
(Book 2, Marine Special Forces Series– stand-alone) – title is still ‘under construction’

Brittney’s reading recommendation:
Cynthia Eden

Rohini Sunderam

mug dtRohini Sunderam

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Desert Flower; a romance set in 1930s Bahrain, written under the pen name Zohra Saeed

Quick description: Andrew MacInnis from Canada has come to work in Bahrain. One day he visits a Bahraini carpet merchant, who doesn’t speak much English, but his daughter has learned it at a special new school. She acts as translator for her father and although he never leaves the two alone, under his very nose, Andrew and Noor get to know each other and fall desperately in love. The lovers secretly plot to run away but the risks are terrible. Noor’s father may send members of the family to hunt them down and kill them. Do they escape? Will Noor have the nerve to follow Andrew’s plan or will centuries of a formidable culture and Noor’s upbringing prevent these two young lovers from following their hearts?


Brief biography:
I am a semi-retired advertising copywriter and ever since I retired I have dedicated a bit more time to writing. I wrote two books as commissioned assignments while I was working, and my articles have been published in The Statesman, Calcutta, India, The Globe & Mail, Canada, and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada. I contributed to the anthology My Beautiful Bahrain published in 2011 by (Miracle Publishing, Bahrain), More of My Beautiful Bahrain & Poetic Bahrain, (Robin Barratt Publishing UK). A poem was selected for publication in the international competition Poetry Rivals (Published by Remus House, UK) 2012. A story: Your rebirth, My death, placed 5th from 179 entries in the Atlantis Short Story contest 2013. And Last year Ex-L-Ence Publishing published my collection of light-hearted poems, Corpoetry. Early this year, Ex-L-Ence Publishing, released Desert Flower, which has had a little success. I chose the penname Zohra Saeed in order to give it a different persona. I also have a blog of occasional writing – Fictionpals.

Links to buy Rohini’s book:
Desert Flower is available through Amazon and on Smashwords. Choose your provider at Ex-L-Ence Publishing.

Rohini’s promo links:
Facebook Page
Amazon Author page

What are you working on now?
I’m helping a friend with his memoir – it’s been returned from the editor and needs a lot of work! Somewhere in between I’m also plodding away at my w-i-p that I don’t want to talk about right now.

Rohini’s reading recommendation:
Khaled Hosseini – And the Mountains Echoed
Edward Docx – The Devil’s Garden (currently reading)
Kavery Nambisan – A Town Like Ours

J. F. Kaufmann

mural 3 (1 of 1) J. F. Kaufmann

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Ellida – The Langaer Chronicles Book 2
(Sequel to: Asanni – The Langaer Chronicles Book 1)
Genre – Contemporary fantasy (Supernatural romance)

Quick description: A wizardess and a werewolf . . . An ancient alliance . . . An epic battle . . . An immortal love . . .

Ellida cover

Brief biography:
Not unlike my characters, I lead a double life: by day I am an employee in a public library, mother of two teenage boys, a friend, a colleague and the Queen of my kitchen. When the moon rises, however, I shift into my other self and, as Queen of the Night, reign in the magical world of Langaer.

Born and raised in a tiny, fairylike country far, far away, I made Canada my home twenty years ago.

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What are you working on now?
The Langaer Chronicles Book 3Blaidd, and Book 4Vardanni

J. F. Kaufmann’s reading recommendation:
The Rain Before It Falls by Jonathan Coe

Amy M. Reade

2013 1548 Amy M. Reade

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest book, The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor, is being released today, April 28, 2015. It is a novel of romantic suspense.

Quick description: Peppernell Manor, an antebellum plantation on the banks of the Ashley River near Charleston, South Carolina, has seen better days. But when its owner hires restoration specialist Carleigh Warner to oversee its return to grandeur, disagreements over the property’s future threaten to tear the Peppernell family apart. Carleigh is swept unwittingly into a whorl of secrets and betrayals that she must face in order to protect her future and that of her young daughter.

The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor_ebook cover

Brief biography:
After deciding that the practice of law was not as thrilling as she thought it would be, Amy found her passion in writing. Her first novel, Secrets of Hallstead House, was published in 2014. It tells the story of Macy Stoddard, a nurse who goes to work for a private client among the Thousand Islands in northern New York only to find that there are secrets reaching into both her past and her future. In the face of violence and threats, Macy must search for the identity of the person who will stop at nothing to keep those secrets buried.

Amy lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, one fantastic dog, two cats who refuse to speak to her, and one tiny fish named Poseidon. She loves reading, traveling, and anything to do with Hawaii.

Links to buy Amy’s book:
Readers interested in Amy’s books can find them at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, books.google.com, kensingtonbooks.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, and kobobooks.com. They can also check indiebound.org, where a ZIP code search will point them to local independent bookstores where her books can be found.

Amy’s promo links:
Amy loves to connect with readers and invites people to find her online in the following places:

What are you working on now?
The novel I’m working on right now has a working title of The House of Hanging Jade, but that will almost certainly change. It’s the story of Kailani, a young Hawaiian woman who moves from Washington, D.C., to become the personal chef to a family of four on the Big Island of Hawaii. But her new job in the tropics is anything but tranquil. Kailani is haunted by a person from her recent past, as well as secrets and tensions that unfold in the household where she works.

The book is scheduled for publication in March, 2016.

Amy’s reading recommendation:
Can I list more than one? I’m currently reading Senseless Acts of Beauty by Lisa Verge Higgins, and I love it so far. I also enjoyed The House Girl by Tara Conklin, The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle, and The Spymistress by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Tricia Drammeh – an update on a new novel

Tricia Drammeh has previously been featured on Reading Recommendations. I have also listed Tricia as one of my All-Star Authors and I highly recommend her writing. Tricia is back now to tell us of a new release!

SweetSorrowebook (5)

Sweet Sorrow
by Tricia Drammeh
Young Adult Romance

Rowan achieves her greatest desire when she earns the part of Juliet in the school play, but it’s impossible to concentrate on her lines when her secret crush is cast as Romeo. Eddie is a fallen football hero and the subject of widespread gossip. Not only has he lost the respect of his peers, he’s also earned the open animosity of Rowan’s father, the high school’s football coach. Eddie isn’t the only one with a tarnished past—Rowan has secrets of her own. When the truth is revealed, will Rowan replace Eddie as the most hated student in school, or will Rowan and Eddie share the stage together?

Available to purchase from Amazon
*Sweet Sorrow is available for free download beginning today and through the weekend and will be available in a paperback edition soon.

MM Jaye

MM Jaye offers an interesting concept to her Aegean Lovers series of romance novels … All eBooks will be published in “Clean” and “Spicy” versions.

MM JayeMM Jaye Maria Messini, but I pen under MM Jaye

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Fate Accompli is the first book in the Aegean Lovers Series, a contemporary romance in a Greek island setting.

Quick description: Fate Accompli is a character-driven story of how, even though two people are clearly meant to be together, a faulty self-image on the heroine’s part and deeply ingrained yet warped perceptions on the hero’s part drive them apart. But Fate has other plans. Monica and Alex share a passionate relationship, but as the storyline is a lot stronger than their intimate moments, I created both a Clean version (without the bedroom scenes) and a Spicy one to appeal to all types of romance readers.


Brief biography:
MM Jaye is the pen name of Maria Messini, a bilingual Greek native. She is a certified translator and has been teaching the art of translation for over fifteen years. Writing was Maria’s idea of therapy when, back in 2009, her spirits had temporarily nosedived. Fate Accompli is her debut contemporary romance, the first book in the Aegean Lovers Series, available in two heat versions: Clean & Spicy. She lives in Athens, Greece with her husband, daughter and Kindle.

Links to buy MM Jaye’s book:
Amazon Purchase links:
Fate Accompli (Clean Romance)
Fate Accompli (Spicy Romance)

MM Jaye’s promo links:
I love social media and I’m almost everywhere.
MM Jaye also very graciously hosted me in an interview on her site, MMJaye Writes.

What are you working on now?
Fate Captured. This is a prequel to Fate Accompli, and it will be a novella. Again, I’ll create a Clean and a Spicy version, although Trish and Markos have turned out to be too naughty! Hopefully, it will be out early summer 2015.

MM Jaye’s reading recommendation:
It so happens that I’ve just finished reading Nicholas Rossis’ children’s book entitled Runaway Smile. I tried it out of curiosity. How can an epic fantasy author deal with material addressed to children? Apparently this author can. The book is heartwarming and its sweet message (an unshared smile is a wasted smile) conveyed masterfully. You can read Runaway Smile for free here. (Nicholas has also been featured on Reading Recommendations and recently recommended the writing of another author.