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Dylan S Hearn was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in Aug. 2014. He’s back now to tell us about the second book in his trilogy.

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Dylan Hearn‘s new release is Absent Souls: The Transcendence Trilogy Book 2. It’s the sequel to his novel Second Chance, which was published in January 2014. It’s a thriller set in the near future, so while it’s classed as Science Fiction it’s really a character-led thriller – with a bit of prediction thrown in for fun.

Mick O’Driscoll has a problem. A man has died in the Scrambles, and nothing happens in the Scrambles without his permission, or so he thought. The death spells trouble and O’Driscoll knows it. The question is, who killed the Prime Delegate’s brother on his turf and why?
Set two years after the events of Second Chance, Absent Souls follows the story of four people struggling to deal with events in the present while tormented by events from the past: an Investigator, tortured by the memory of a man he couldn’t find and a crime he was unable solve; a crime lord, forced to live a life he inherited but never truly wanted; a Professor, using academic success to drown out his guilt; and a Global Governance opera-tive, slowly becoming the very thing she’s fighting against.
Forced to work with those they distrust in an effort to uncover the truth, it soon becomes clear that it’s not just their own lives they need to protect, but the very future of humanity that’s at stake.

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 17.17Dylan S Hearn is a 43-year-old writer from Suffolk, England. A late bloomer who loved writing when younger and has read voraciously all his life, he started writing again a couple of years ago and now spends most of his time trying not to regret those wasted years.

Dylan also reviews books by Indie Authors on his blog, Suffolk Scribblings.

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What Dylan is working on now:
I’m working on the third and final part of the trilogy, Genesis Redux. For the first time I have a title before I’ve finished the book which is a novelty for me. I also write frequently in my blog where I like to talk about writing (or mostly about all the important activities which surround the writing process) as well as promote other self-published authors’ works I’ve enjoyed through my Recommended Reads section (and no, I didn’t steal Susan’s title!).

Dylan’s Reading Recommendation:
Since committing to Pay it Forward to other self-published writers by reading more self-published works and recommending those I’ve enjoyed, I’ve discovered many excellent writers.
I loved The Me You See by Shay Ray Stevens, a really great mystery which explores the death of a young woman through the eyes of those who knew her.

I also really enjoyed Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan, a wonderfully warm book about a man in his latter years who decides to take a road trip, although he’s not sure where he is going or why. Kevin Brennan was previously featured on Reading Recommendations.

If you like Science Fiction, I recently read a great short-story collection called Moondust Memories by Vaughan Stanger, a mixture of pure science fiction and alternate history with each story exploring a specific theme.

Dylan S Hearn

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 17.17 Dylan S Hearn

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My book is called Second Chance. You could call it a dystopian thriller, or a technological thriller.

Quick description: Newly elected Delegate, Stephanie Vaughn, throws her weight behind the investigation of a missing student. When lack of progress prevents the popular boost she expected, she must accept covert assistance from Randall, her ex-boyfriend. But Randall’s motives for finding the student are equally tainted: and they soon become drawn into something far bigger than either expected.

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Brief biography:
I’m a 43-years-old writer from Suffolk, England. I’d worked in the marketing industry for 25 years before deciding to take up my passion for writing. Second Chance is my first novel.

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What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished the first draft of the (as yet unnamed) sequel to Second Chance, and am also outlining the third and final part to the trilogy.

Dylan’s reading recommendation:
I’ve been alternating between traditionally published and independently published novels recently. For a great medical thriller, I can recommend The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin. A real-page turner that keeps you guessing to the end. I’m currently reading The Hydrogen Sonata, the final Culture Novel by my writing hero, the late, great Iain M. Banks.

I had the great pleasure to read Second Chance recently and here’s my review I posted to Goodreads: Second Chance was a free download I received from the author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, although it’s not a genre I usually choose to read. The writing grabbed me from the start and pulled me right in, and I found the pace of the story to be just right to carry me along, wanting to discover the big secret of this very believable world Dylan Hearn has created. Very good writing and storytelling for a first novel. I would definitely read more by this author. smt