Roy Dimond – update on a new novel

Roy Dimond has be featured previously on Reading Recommendations here and here. He’s back now to tell us about a new novel.

I, Bully
by Roy Dimond
Published by Motivational Press

I, Bully addresses the serious issue of cyber bullying. What makes this story unique is that it is told from the perspective of both the bully and the victim.
 The two main characters, the victim, Hannah, and the bully, Eric, learn from each other in ways they could never have imagined.
 Hannah is a typical young girl in grade 8. She’s completely focused on friends and feels her family doesn’t understand. Hannah also feels invisible and her perception is that her older sister gets all the attention. It’s a good, middle-class family, but struggling. 
Eric is also in grade 8, but his family is dysfunctional. Dad drinks and mom is barely keeping it together. Eric is filled with rage and takes it out on everyone.
 Eventually, spirit quests and restorative justice help build relationships that lead to enlightenment and reconciliation.
 Roy Dimond’s exciting new novel I, Bully will empower and touch all who read it.

Where to purchase Roy’s book:
Amazon Canada
Amazon US
Motivational Press

Rick Bergh – update on Transitional Loss series

Rick Bergh has been a visitor to Reading Recommendations twice previously – once to promote a children’s book he has published with his wife, Erica, and again to promote the first book in his Transitional Loss series. He’s back now to tell us about the next two titles he’s recently published.

sample1-finding-anchors-book-cover Finding Anchors: How to Bring Stability to Your Life Following a Cancer Diagnosis
It’s raw, it’s real and it’s brave! If there is one book to give your family or friends following a cancer diagnosis, this is it. Rick Bergh shares the principles he has studied, taught and lived out for more than 30 years in this practical, inspiring and hopeful guide that will help anyone stabilize their life following a cancer diagnosis. Finding Anchors will teach you how to: • Reduce your anxiety • Tackle daily challenges • Move forward in confidence • Continue to live your life in a meaningful and new way Far beyond a collection of good ideas, this book lays out 17 tried-and-true principles from hundreds of people, including Rick’s own personal journey with his wife and four children. They courageously found ways to face their mom’s cancer diagnosis while inspiring friends and family to join them on this significant journey.

taking_notice Taking Notice: How a Cancer Journey Helps Magnify What’s Important in Life
It’s honest, it’s humble and it’s surprising. Discover the meaningful life you have always wanted. It took a cancer journey with his wife, Pam, to stop author, Rick Bergh, from living out his fast-paced lifestyle and to discover what was most important in his life. Forced to re-evaluate his priorities over a five-year period, Rick began to “Take Notice” of what was happening inside himself. The results changed his life forever. Taking Notice will teach you how to: • Open your eyes up to unexpected possibilities • Discover the simplicity of the present moment • Move yourself forward in a new direction • Find life when it seems the most difficult Different than most self-help or personal development books, Taking Notice invites its readers to wrestle with 17 unique challenges during the most difficult times of their lives. Entering into our “muck” with complete vulnerability and wrestling with deeper truths brings maximum growth opportunities and unexpected results. Rick Bergh is a grief and loss counsellor and ordained Lutheran minister. His life’s passion is to write, speak and provide practical resources that really work when people are forced to transition through loss.

looking-ahead-bookwidgetnew Looking Ahead: How Your Dying Impacts Those Around You
This practical and hopeful book is a distillation of 30 years of work and study in the area of death, dying and bereavement. Author Rick Bergh shares his professional and personal experience as one who has lived through the loss of his first wife along with his four children, and his work with hundreds of people in their last chapter of life.
Looking Ahead will:
• Show you how to invite others into your important remaining days on earth
• Help you identify your new purpose and meaning in unexpected ways
• Give you tools to engage loved ones in meaningful conversation
• Provide a framework that enables family to be key contributors in your unfolding story
Far beyond a book that prepares you and your family for your death, Looking Ahead offers its readers 17 tried-and-true principles to live fully in the present. It will inspire you to author your own story and engage your family and friends in your journey looking forward.

Where to purchase the Transitional Loss Series:
Rick Bergh’s Website

Here’s a link to a video posted of Rick’s “End of Life” seminar.

The Cochrane Eagle recently ran an article about Rick and his books: Rick Bergh reflects on purposeful living in face of dying

Rick Bergh – update on a non-fiction series

Rick and Erica Bergh were previously featured on Reading Recommendations in March 2016. Rick is back now to talk about a new book in a series he has been publishing.

BERGH ER18 Rick Bergh

What is your latest release and what genre is it?
Finding Anchors: How to Bring Stability in Your Life Following a Cancer Diagnosis

Rick Bergh shares the principles he has studied, taught and lived out for more than 30 years in this practical, inspiring and hopeful guide that will help anyone stabilize their life following a cancer diagnosis.

Far beyond a collection of good ideas, this book lays out 17 tried-and-true principles from hundreds of people, including Rick’s own personal journey with his wife and four children. They courageously found ways to face their mom’s cancer diagnosis while inspiring friends and family to join them on this significant journey.


Brief biography:
Rick Bergh is a transitional loss counselor, speaker, thanatologist and an ordained Lutheran minister.. He serves on the board of the Alberta Hospice and Palliative Care Association (AHPCA) and chairs the communication committee for the Palliative Care Society for the Bow Valley. He has spoken at and trained professionals in hospitals, palliative care associations, faith communities, businesses, and community groups. His popular blogging website, is followed by numerous people. He is also a frequent guest speaker on CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO). He is a grandpa to three grandchildren. He and his wife, Erica, live in Cochrane, Alberta. His first wife died at age 47 following a 5-year battle with ovarian cancer, leaving behind four children.

Links to buy Rick’s book: or
Chapters retail locations in Calgary, Alberta

Rick’s promo links:
Rick’s website
Intentional Grief

What are you working on now?
My third book in this series. It is called Looking Ahead: How Your Dying Impacts Those Around You.

Rick’s recommendation:
I am currently reading Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days by Harvey Max Chochinov

Chas Watkins

HeadShotChassmallChas Watkins

What is your latest release and what genre is it? To Hold The Sun (Spanish version, Sosteniendo El Sol) is essentially a blend of an inspirational story and a self help book.

Quick description: The book outlines the experiences of a young, poor, and disillusioned reporter who is enticed to do a series of articles about Paul, an unconventional philosopher and motivational speaker. In exchange, he gets to travel to and dive on Roatan, arguably one of the most beautiful, pristine islands in the Caribbean. Through a series of interviews, the reporter gets to know Paul’s innermost philosophies. He learns an alternate way of living from a man who strives to perfect handstands on a dock and practices the art of happiness.

When the author realized his children were leaving home to begin their journeys through life, he wrote this story for them. He developed it as a guide to help them through life in a way that would allow them to enjoy the journey. Drawing on wildly diverse disciplines including stoicism, neuroscience, skepticism, behavioral economics, and spirituality; the reader is taken on a journey that exposes the author’s philosophy of life. He shows that happiness is indeed a choice.


Brief biography:
Chas Watkins was born and raised in England and is a naturalized Australian. His children are all American, which he finds very confusing. He moved to Roatan nine years ago. He has an unused degree in electronics from Hull University in England and has somehow managed to work for many fine and good companies without being fired.

After the raging madness of the dotcom world in California, he moved to Roatan to settle with his family. Chas currently pretends to work as a Realtor and Radio DJ. He reads an awful lot, watches the sunrise and sunset every day and consumes way too much coffee. He runs on the beach in the mornings, practices handstands, and lives happily on Roatan with his cat Gary and the children who have not yet deserted him. Even on his best day he is nothing like his character Paul, but strives to be so.

Occasionally he “likes to dance as if no one is watching” which is ironic as his dancing makes people stare. If you are really unlucky, you may meet him, and whatever you do, don’t offer him a drink as he is a very rude and uninteresting person.

Links to buy Chas’s book:
*Special price of $.99 for eBook until Jan. 4*
Amazon – eBook and print
Smashwords – eBook
Barnes and Noble – eBook
Apple iTunes – eBook
Google Play
Kobo – eBook

Chas’s promo links:
A Special Offer From the Author

What are you working on now?
A follow on To Hold The Sun called Return to Roatan and an allegory currently untitled. Extracts of both are available on my website.

Chas’s reading recommendation:
The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons
Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics And Religion by Jonathan Haidt

Mai Lieu

Mai Lieu Head shotMai Lieu

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Take the Next Step, Secrets to creating success and manifesting your dreams – self-improvement

Quick description: An inspirational story and guide to creating success. Mai Lieu shares tools and techniques that helped her create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to follow their dreams.


Brief biography:
Mai Lieu Founder of CreaProducts Inc. is an also a bestselling author and inventor. She went from being a hairstylist to full-time inventor, making a difference in the world through her products. She’s won 7 first-place beauty awards, was a finalist for Top 40 Under 40 Busines Women of the Year, and was also finalist for Best New Product of the Year and Fastest Growing Business in 2011.

Links to buy Mai’s book:
Can be purchased at CreaProducts Inc.

Mai’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
My next book : Take the Next step, secrets to creating success in inventing

Mai’s reading recommendation:
Dr. Demartini, The Breakthrough Expereince


Tina O’Connor

tina-oconnor-author-and-publisher Tina O’Connor

What is your latest release and what genre is it? 3 books – Be That Girl, Be That Mom, Be That Kinky Girl – self-help


                                                                       Quick description: Be That Girl is one of the best books on ‘self help’ by BeThatGirl_COMP_RGB_LResAlberta author, Tina O’Connor. Whether you are a mom, a wife, a single girl, a grandma, a great grandma, an employee, a boss, a business owner, or a combination of all of the above, you can ‘Be That Girl!’ Sexy, sophisticated, motivated, organized, powerful, successful, calm … you can have it all … or at least whatever you want! Giving you big ideas that are simple to start, your life will improve immediately. Learn how to realize all of your strengths, use them in a positive way, and end up creating everything you could want in your life.


Be That Mom is an instructional and inspirational book designed to help moms of any age relax and BeThatMom_COMP_RGB_LResenjoy their time more. From communication to discipline to loving yourself, this is a step-by-step, easy to follow system designed to help you embrace a more relaxed, joyous lifestyle as a mom. Filled with incredible advice and simple instructions, Be That Mom will inspire you to have more fun with, and without, your kids, and will help you create well-being and happiness for you and your family.



Be That Kinky Girl has succeeded in creating a steamy, instructional guide filled with juicy stories and engaging exercises guaranteed to put the action back in your sex life! If you want MORE intimacy in your BTKGirl_COMP_HRes_2life, this book is for you! You will learn how to love yourself more, how to encourage more sexual intimacy with your partner, and some techniques to keep the fun going everyday! You deserve to enjoy a healthy, robust sex life filled with adventure, excitement and fulfillment.





Brief biography:
Tina is a full time Mom, author and CEO of her company, Be That Books Publishing. Tina’s premiere book Be That Girl, inspires women of every age to focus on their priorities, and gives real strategies to help women get whatever they want out of their lives. Tina lives in Alberta, Canada, and plans to release many more Be That titles, including Be That Pregnant Girl and Be That Millionaire.

Links to buy Tina’s books:
Be That Books Website

Tina’s promo links:
Tina’s website
Publisher’s website
Facebook page

What are you working on now?
Tina is currently working on Be That Kinky Girl as well as working on finding new great authors to add to her portfolio, and getting new books out!

Tina’s reading recommendation:
I have been incredibly inspired by Sandi Richards’ cookbook line, Cooking for the Rushed! It has helped me meal plan and remove stress from my life! I have also been consistently inspired by the One Minute Millionaire by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, as well as the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss! They keep me moving onward and upward toward my goals … More time and more money!

Jeff Leitch

jeff-leitch-e1393589820341Jeff Leitch

What is your latest release and what genre is it? I’m the co-author of the Non-Fiction Saving Our Pennys, which I proudly wrote with my great friend, Roy Dimond. The genre is Self-Help & Personal Transformation. (Roy was previously featured here on Reading Recommendations.)

Quick description: Saving Our Pennys is a story about the evolution of a person and how one realizes what it takes to exist and how to reclaim their life. It is a story of inspiration and the depths of caring needed to find peace, happiness and bliss in one’s life through a simple choice – but a choice that is earned.


Brief biography:
My name is Jeff Leitch and I am the proud father of three dynamic children, and married to my wonderful wife, Linda. I am a proud teacher in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada and thoroughly enjoy the magic of a “story.” Between reading and writing, and walking the family dog, I love having a hot coffee and watching any live theatre or sporting event, where I can cheer or coach those who display courage and dare to chase greatness.

Links to buy Jeff’s book:
Saving Our Pennys is available at most book stores as well as Barnes & Noble etc.,

Amazon Canada, US, UK – eBook and Paperback

Jeff’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Currently I am toiling with a couple of ideas that are stirring my writing soul, but I need to decide if these ideas are suited for one book or possibly more. Soon, time will tell how these “idea embers” ignite. 

Jeff’s reading recommendation:
Currently I am reading the Sandy Koufax Biography, Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy by Jane Leavy. It is an absolutely brilliantly written work.

Roy Dimond

Roy at Machu PiccuRoy Dimond

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Susan, first let me thank you for this interview. It is greatly appreciated.

Saving Our Pennys is a work of non-fiction co-authored with Jeff Leitch. It is best described as focusing on Self-Help & Personal Transformation with some humor and insight into the human condition.


Quick description:
Jeff and I chose to write a book placing the main character into a familiar environment. He happens to be a teacher, but the story is really about a person’s experience at work, where he loves what he is doing, but somehow, something is missing. He has a good life, good marriage, and a good job, but is unfulfilled in his life. Intuitively he feels something is missing, life is somehow passing him by, but what that means, and how to fix it, is at the core of our story. We all have choices everyday, and happiness for so many depends on the choices we make.

We take the main character on a journey from Shadow, to Substance, to Spirit, as well as the epiphanies that allow him to evolve. His journey is similar to those faced by our readers, but he accepts the challenge of the journey, as well as the help of a mentor, and is rewarded with what awaits all those who attain consciousness. But to know what that is . . . one will have to read our book )

Brief biography:
I live with my wife in Garden Bay on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. I was a Youth Worker in the education system for over thirty years and like our main character had the blessing of finding a mentor who revealed many of life’s secrets. I have written two other novels. The Singing Bowl published by Green Dragon Books and The Rubicon Effect published by Grey Gate Media.

I am an avid reader and hiker, and love traveling. Japan, Peru and Greece have so far been my favorite destinations. But there are many little bars in France, Germany, and Italy that I someday hope to visit again as well as hiking trails in the Andes, Swiss Alps and Japanese Alps.

Links to buy Roy’s book:
Saving Our Pennys is available at most book stores as well as Barnes & Noble etc.,

Amazon Canada, US, UK – eBook and Paperback

Roy’s promo links:
Please check out my Facebook page and stop by and visit my web site. If you do I would love to hear from you.

What are you working on now?
I am working on a number of projects. My agent is presently negotiating a book deal with a publisher for a novel with the working title, Silence and Circumstance: The Story Agatha Christie Never Told. So naturally I’m very excited about that. My publisher is considering some art designs for the children’s book I co authored with my good friend David Ward called, The Old Goat of Garden Bay. I am also working on a manuscript involving a Peruvian legend and faith, as well as a young adult book on bullying. So very, very busy.

Roy’s reading recommendation:
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World. Read it . . . it will impact your life. I have to give you two, because this second choice is the most courageous writing I have ever come across. The writer bares her soul in ways all writers should aspire to . . . I Sat Down by Grand Central Station and Wept by Elizabeth Smart.

Susan, I just want to thank you again for this interview. Loved your questions and I will follow your blog with great interest. You are most welcome, Roy! And Roy’s co-author, Jeff Leitch, will be featured soon on Reading Recommendations. smt