Lorna Schultz Nicholson – update on a new book

Lorna Schultz Nicholson was featured previously on Reading Recommendations in April, 2015, and is back now to tell us about a new novel in the One-to-One series for teens.

Born With

Born With
by Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Published by Clockwise Press

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Meet Erika and Gianni: One is a fifteen-year-old girl who loves to dance and sing and make people laugh. She tells people that she was born with an extra gene, but her sister has to buy hers at the mall (ha, ha!!).

Being in three dance numbers in the school production of Grease is a big job, but with the help of her Best Buddy, Gianni, Erika knows her can be a star.

The other is a Grade 11 boy with a secret. Like his Best Buddy, Erika, who was born with Down Syndrome, Gianni loves to sing and dance. He also knows that he was born different from the other boys in his school — but is he that different from Blake, the cool, attractive male lead in the school play? Or is he just imagining that the sparks between them are mutual? And will the rough gang of guys at school also pick up on who he really is?

Told in the alternating voices of Erika and Gianni, Born With is the story of two teens who help each other to find their own versions of success and acceptance.

Each One-to-One novel tells the story of a different pair of teens participating in the Best Buddies program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Follow the lives of this group of friends who come together with different expectations and problems, seeing the world from their own unique perspectives and facing it head on together.

Where to purchase Lorna’s book:
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Therin Knite – update on a new novel

Therin Knite was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in April, 2014, and is back now to tell us about a new novel just published!


by Therin Knite
Teen & YA, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Corina Marion’s father is dead.

Off to a never-ending war as a Red Cross doctor before Corina was even born, Luther Marion has been a constant but increasingly distant presence in his daughter’s life for sixteen years. Damaged pictures. Short letters. And three brief phone calls received before Corina was old enough to walk.

Now, Luther Marion has returned home at last—as a body in a box to be buried. Corina’s mother is devastated. Her small, backwoods town mourns the loss of its local hero.

And Corina…isn’t sure how she feels about the death of a father she never really met.

But when a mysterious old man confronts Corina at her father’s funeral, she finds herself drawn to his impossible offer: a chance to know the late Luther Marion. And in a moment of uncertainty, Corina makes a choice with consequences she can barely fathom. A choice that sends her to the last place she ever expected to go.

Her father’s hometown. Six hundred miles south.

And twenty-five years in the past.

Where to purchase Therin’s book:
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Cristy Watson

Cristyproof Cristy Watson

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Living Rough (Orca Currents) – YA novel

Quick description: It is a hi-lo YA novel for teen readers. While it will appeal to reluctant or struggling readers, the theme will resonate with a wide audience. Poe, a homeless young teen, struggles to keep his living situation a secret.


Brief biography:
Cristy Watson is a teacher who loves reading and writing poetry and YA novels. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, and now resides happily near the beach in sunny White Rock, British Columbia. Cristy hosts open-mic readings at her local coffee shop and likes to enter writing contests, especially ones where there is a challenging time limit.

Links to buy Cristy’s book:
From the publisher – eBook and Paperback
From Kidsbooks – Paperback
Amazon Worldwide – eBook and Paperback

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What are you working on now?
While I hope that one of my latest three YA hi-lo novels gets picked up by a publisher, I am now writing picture books. One is currently with Lee and Low Books and my fingers are crossed! My newest endeavour is a picture book about ‘O’ – how busy it is being a number, letter and shape.

Cristy’s reading recommendation:
In my own genre, I really enjoyed Karen Spafford-Fitz’ latest hi-lo novel, Vanish (Orca Currents). Another YA novel I recently enjoyed was, Whatever (Ronsdale Press), by Ann Walsh.