Sue Vincent

sue-vincent Sue Vincent

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The latest book, apart from the graphic novels, was Lands of Exile: But’n’Ben, written with Stuart France. It is the seventh book featuring the adventures of Don and Wen as they delve into the mysteries and history of Albion.

Genre? This is where it all falls down. At least I got my name right. I know we are supposed to write within nice, neat categories … and preferably popular ones to boot … We couldn’t call it fiction as it is based on our own adventures in the ancient landscape. Nor could we call it factual because, at least as far as I know, we are not being pursued by the police for the abduction of a standing stone …

We listed it under travel, because that, at least, was accurate.

Quick description: Ben is in prison, which is rather unfair. It hadn’t been his idea to steal the standing stone. If only he hadn’t gone back for the gun …

Don and Wen, the true culprits, are heading north. As they follow a trail of arcane signs, they are unaware that they are being pursued by the best the police force can muster.

Which, thought WPC Kraas, eyeing her new partner as he fished yet another pork pie out of his pocket, wasn’t much.


Brief biography:
Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire born writer, painter and award winning poet. She is also one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. Sue lives in Buckinghamshire, England, having been stranded there due to an unfortunate incident with a pin, a map and a blindfold; a temporary glitch of some twenty years duration. She has a lasting love-affair with the landscape of Albion; that hidden country of the heart that is the backdrop for many of her books, particularly those co-authored with Stuart France. She is currently owned by a small dog who also blogs and who gets all the fan mail.

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What are you working on now?
The current preoccupation is a five-act sacred drama for the Silent Eye’s annual workshop in April. It tells of how the power of the Old Ones was withdrawn from the stone circles and standing stones when the land was threatened by invaders and how the stones sleep, awaiting the time when they will be reawakened.

It is a symbolic story, such as were used in the Mystery Schools of long ago, to explore the story of the soul’s voyage through eternity.

When that is written, the next book will be Bean Sidhe, the second book in the Lands of Exile series, where Don and Wen head off to explore the sacred sites of Ireland.

Sue’s reading recommendation:
I have been re-reading Alan Richardson’s On Winsley Hill. It is the story of an old light and a new love that is, perhaps, as old as the land itself. Alan’s style soars through passages of otherworldly beauty to the earthiest of humour. He writes with a deep love of the land, a genuine knowledge of the human mind and soul and a gleam of mischief in his eye.

Although he is perhaps best known for his biographies of such major figures in the esoteric world as Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley and William G. Gray, his fiction is delightful, sometimes wickedly funny and always has an underlying current of old wisdom. This is a man who knows what he writes.

Timothy L. Phillips

IMG_0643_2 Timothy L. Phillips

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My Camino Walk – A Way to Healing is a travel memoir

Quick description: Timothy Phillips celebrated his sixtieth birthday by hiking Spain’s Camino de Santiago. The almost eight hundred kilometer trek became a month-long test of physical stamina, with weather extremes, a range of fellow pilgrims, and hours of introspection that caused him to question his childhood, his life, and many long-held ideas and beliefs. These challenges shook loose the very foundations of his being. Timothy brings a photographer’s eye to detailed descriptions of the trek that appeal to all the senses and invites the reader to join him on his healing journey.


Brief biography:
I was born in London, England. After schooling I embarked on a career in the hospitality industry working in luxury hotels and restaurants in London and Paris. Further opportunities took me to Toronto, Vancouver and Stratford, Ontario. In 1992, (the big midlife crisis hit at age 42) and I changed career, went back to school to study the healing arts and became a shiatsu and registered massage therapist. That healing has become my healing. I love and am enriched by the experience of travel to all parts of the world, sampling their food and culture along with human interaction.

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What are you working on now?
I am drawn to examine other healing journeys as part of my ongoing Camino. Travel plans this year are taking me to the UK, to Japan, to the southern USA and to Mexico and these experiences will form the basis of my next writings.

Timothy’s reading recommendation:
Therapy by David Lodge (Penguin 1995) and I am enjoying the quirkiness of the character telling the story. He reminds me of an English version of Woody Allen – equally as neurotic but with an incredible sense of human absurdity.

R. Matthias

R_Matthias R.Matthias

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Trials Elsewhere: Stories of life and Development in West Africa – Travel memoir

Quick description: In Trials Elsewhere, R. Matthias vividly describes his experiences as a 21st century traveler. Moving from Canada to Washington D.C. to take on the inner city, Matthias then finds himself invited to apply his skills and idealism in The Republic of the Gambia. Working first for a human rights NGO and then for a Gambian-owned Internet service provider, he begins to question his conceptions of how the world works — is the Western way of doing things viable in other parts of the world? Is the Western way of work even a good idea? Is there any real value in idealism as Westerners understand it? As he ponders these questions Matthias is cursed at a wedding, survives a coup d’état, avoids the state’s secret police, wanders for a year stateless without a passport or way home, and is sentenced by a tribal court. Matthias’s experience in West Africa increasingly becomes an unpredictable adventure.


R. Matthias is currently holding a Goodreads Giveaway for 10 copies of his print book, open to members from the US and Canada to enter until Jan. 31.

Brief biography:
Robin started his library career working at the Washington DC Public Library as Head of Intranet Development. Following that, he lived many years overseas, primarily in West Africa, building IT infrastructure in The Republic of the Gambia, Sierra Leon, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. He also worked in Ethiopia and Uganda on a telehealth project on behalf of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

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What are you working on now?
I’m currently working on a collection of short stories primarily concerning my life while I worked in Washington DC.

R.Matthias’s reading recommendation:
I’d strongly recommend Wallace Stegner’s Collected Stories. Each one is a wonderful insight into some aspect of the relationships young people are a part of.

Bill Corbett

I have known Bill Corbett since I worked at Sandpiper Books in Calgary and we sold the very first books he published. That was 3 decades ago!! Then, when I became a sales rep, I was working for Bill’s publisher, Whitecap Books, so I sold his books everywhere within my territory. I was very pleased to see his blog, Marathon Man, when he first began writing it, and always thought this site would make a great book one day. And here it is! Thanks, Bill!

IMG_3934Bill Corbett

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Marathon Mouth: Great Road-Trip Eats in the Western U.S./Canada It’s both a travel and a food book.

Quick description: The book highlights great, independent and affordable places to eat and drink while on road trips in the western U.S. and Canada. It’s also a bit of a travelogue, highlighting things to see and do (especially self-propelled outdoor activities) along the way.


Brief biography:
Bill Corbett has been a Calgary-based freelance writer for more than three decades, writing for regional and national magazines. He has also done considerable writing about energy and environmental issues. Besides the new Marathon Mouth ebook, he has published three conventional books, including Day Trips From Calgary (Whitecap Books, more than 60,000 copies sold) and the award-winning 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies (Rocky Mountain Books), a history and guidebook.

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Marathon Mouth blog
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What are you working on now?
I’m nearing completion of a new edition of 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies, due out in mid-2016. I’m also hoping to do a new edition of Day Trips From Calgary in the near future.

Bill’s reading recommendation:
I’ve been enjoying The Secret Knowledge of Water, a beautifully written non-fiction book by Craig Childs, who largely writes about the landscapes and peoples of the southwest desert U.S.

Gordon Cope

Gord Cope photo 2 smallGordon Cope

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release is the eBook edition of A Paris Moment, celebrating its tenth anniversary of publication. Non-fiction, travel memoir.

Quick description: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend a year living in Paris, then this is the book for you. It captures the day-to-day life of the Marais, a charming neighborhood located on the Right Bank.

APM Cover 1

Brief biography:
I was born in Hamilton, Ontario. After working in the Calgary Oilpatch for several years, my wife Linda and I set out on an extended journey around the world, living in Paris, London and Sydney. We now have a home in southern Mexico, where I continue my work as an international correspondent and novelist.

In addition to A Paris Moment, I have also written two other travel memoirs, A Thames Moment and A South Pacific Moment, and Secret Combinations, a mystery thriller in which a young FBI agent chases terrorists from San Francisco to London in an attempt to thwart their plan to destroy the internet.

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What are you working on now?
I have just finished A War Child, a novel set in Paris during the Liberation in World War Two; it will be published online in mid-2015. I am now working on Murder in Manzanillo, a mystery novel set in southern Mexico.

Gordon’s reading recommendation:
I heartily recommend Liane Moriarty, an Australian author who has written a number of novels set in Sydney. I especially enjoyed The Hypnotist’s Love Story.

Also, for those who enjoy murder mysteries, Martin Walker has written a delightful series called Bruno, Chief of Police, set in the Dordogne in France.

Gordon Cope also guest blogged a 3-part series on the San Miguel Writers’ Conference. Here’s Part One.

Bentley Bryce Finley

IMG_3566Bentley Bryce Finley

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Finishing Year – a non-fiction, travel/memoir book about finishing my university education a little bit later in life

Quick description: A 48-year-old single father takes a gap year to finish his university education as an international exchange student in Europe. 242 pages, paperback and e-book.

The back cover copy: Can a man change his stars? Can he ever really rise above? These are the questions that plague our mortal souls. Bryce Finley, a 48-year-old Canadian single father with an unfinished university degree, two nearly grown children, and no visible (future) means of support, is about to find out.

After three years working at his local university, he decides to hit the books and go back to finish his degree and show his kids he never meant to be a dropout. His eldest has already quit high school, but is there still time to show the youngest one?

When his university contract ends, completing his long-delayed education in art history proves to be financially difficult, so he jumps at the chance to study – with the aid of a small scholarship – as an international exchange student in Europe.

What follows is a life in a cramped student dorm in an industrial town in Germany that is – luckily – an ideal jumping off point for visiting the great art capitals of Europe.

Life-changing experiences follow, along with chances to reflect and improve upon a life some have called “a financial train wreck,” in which only one of his two kids might ever graduate from high school, and in which our hero finally realizes he never, ever, decided what to be when he grew up.

But that was then, this is now, and class is in session. With style, humour, and cunning linguistics, Finley makes his way through his last year of university, the great museums of Europe, and the social fabrics of a handful of European countries, to emerge a wiser, more-educated, and potentially more-employable person.

Finishing Year full res e-book

Brief biography:
Born in 1964 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Father of two kids.
Holds an honours degree (with distinction) in History in Art from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Teaches at the Co-operative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg at Mannheim, Germany.
A former journalist and author of four previous books on health, business, and travel.
Writes personal experience adventure tales about living this life.
Has a passion for Weimaraner dogs and possibly antique European sports cars and wooden sailboats.

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What are you working on now?
I am doing two things, but slowly: writing a novelization of my screenplay, Be, about finding meaning in our lives at the end of the world, and writing the follow-up to Finishing Year, about restarting in life by graduating from university late, remarrying, and then rebuilding a new house and home after losing a few to divorce and terminal relationships.

Bryce’s reading recommendation:
The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer, a memoir of growing up in and around an American bar. Detailed, palpable descriptions of simply everything about growing up. Sometimes too much, maybe, but overall an amazingly personal story, the kind every personal experience writer should read.

Neil Bennion – update on a new travel book … and it’s FREE!

Neil Bennion was previously promoted on Reading Recommendations in Dec., 2014, and is back now to tell us of a new short book about travel in Colombia he’s published that is absolutely FREE!

47 Colombia

47 Amazing Things To See And Do In Colombia
by Neil Bennion

Travel Guide

Detailed guides are great. But when you’re putting together your rough itinerary, you don’t always need up-to-the-minute peso prices, opening hours on public holidays and the nicknames of all the local bus drivers. Sometimes you just want a quick heads up, so you know what’s what.

This is that guide.

Quick read – an hour or two at most and you’ll be up to speed on what Colombia has to offer
Humorous – the author’s light-hearted humour makes this a breezy read
Photos – give you a feel for what to expect in advance
Maps – put all the experiences into geographical context
Digested History – provides perspective without getting boring

Link to blog post about 47 Amazing Things To See And Do In Columbia.

As the name suggests, this is a book of cool things to do in Colombia, and is based largely on the knowledge the author gained while writing Dancing Feat. It’s a quick read, being only about 16,000 words, and you can download it for free at the following places:
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

Pete Buckley – update on two travel books

Pete Buckley was featured on Reading Recommendations in Dec. 2014 promoting a new novel. He’s back now to tell us about a couple of travel books he had previously written and published.


A Long Walk in the Alps was published in 2009 and is available in E-book and paperback

A Long Walk in the Alps recounts a hike through the mountains of Switzerland from Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland to Zermatt in the Valais. In this real-life adventure, the author sets out along the path known as the Eiger Trail with the aim of reaching the mountain town of Zermatt beneath the far off Matterhorn but the journey is almost over in its early days…

Buy Links:
Amazon US – eBook and paperback
Amazon UK – eBook and paperback
Smashwords – eBook
Trafford Publishing – paperback


31 Days in a Campervan: Trolling Around New Zealand was my first book published in 2007 and is currently only available in paperback. Soon to be re-issued in all e-book formats.

New Zealand must rank as one of the most scenically diverse countries in the world; misty mountains soar above dark fiords, lonely beaches of golden sand separate the restless ocean from primeval rainforests while towering volcanoes brood above pastoral farmlands. The journey through this fascinating country is a great adventure that will appeal to any lover of unspoilt wilderness and nature. This is the story of that journey.

Buy Links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Laura Bradbury

DSC_2953 (2)Laura Bradbury

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My Grape Village (Travel / Living abroad memoir)

Quick description: Five years after My Grape Escape, Laura and Franck are back in Burgundy to tackle their newest project, a derelict 16th century winemaker’s cottage located behind Franck’s family home. Not only is this a daunting rebuild from the ground up, Laura and Franck now have two preschoolers adjusting to the foreign customs of a French school. Navigating the different rules for raising children and managing a family in a small French village prove every bit as challenging for Laura as learning to drive a stick shift through narrow streets, or arguing with the Architect of French Monuments over permissible paint colors (spoiler alert: any color as long as it’s gray). Come along on this evocative and honest journey where love, coupled with good French food and local wine, pave the way to la belle vie.


Brief biography: Laura Bradbury, her french husband Franck, and their three Franco-Canadian daughters share their time between Victoria, Canada, and Burgundy, France, where they own and manage four vacation rentals in the vineyards, including a 16th century restored winemaker’s cottage and a 13th century wine cellar under the streets of Beaune.

Links to buy Laura’s book:
Amazon – eBook & paperback

Laura’s promo links:
You can learn more at Laura’s website. Laura wastes too much time on Facebook and goofs around with her fellow writers on Twitter. You can see (and rent!) their vacation rentals at Grape Rentals.

What are you working on now?
The third book in the Grape series about how Laura and Franck met during her first year in Burgundy as an exchange student, entitled My Grape Year.

Laura’s reading recommendation:
Georgette Heyer The Grand Sophy

Neil Bennion

Neil Neil Bennion

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Dancing Feat: One Man’s Mission to Dance Like a Colombian. It’s a travel memoir (and possibly a dance memoir, if such a thing exists).

Quick description: Dancing Feat is the story of how I attempted to overcome my dance-floor failings by going to Colombia and learning to dance like a local.

I’d had enough of being the guy leaning on the bar moving just part of his body in time with the music as if to say “I could dance if I wanted to – I just choose not to” (or worse – getting drunk and actually giving it a go) and decided it was time to finally do something about it.


Brief biography:
Please excuse me whilst I slip momentarily into the third person.

Neil Bennion is a writer, traveler and mucker-abouter. He was born in 1974 in Lancashire, England, and left his previous career in IT when he realized he much preferred prancing about in foreign countries to discussing technical scope changes.

As well as writing, he’s also prone to doing turns as a public speaker and voice-over artist. In 2014 he gave a TEDx talk on the subject of traveling with a narrative.

Neil stopped drinking some years ago, for health reasons. It was a change which, in part, motivated him to go to Colombia and face up to his shortcomings on the dance floor.

He tends to wander quite a bit by nature, but was last seen hanging about in Poland.

Links to buy Neil’s book:
Amazon – ebook and paperback.

Neil’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
I’m currently looking into various ideas for my next book, which also means my next trip. I’ve just about managed to narrow the location down to three continents. The final stage of the process will probably involve some dice rolling.

Neil’s reading recommendation:
It’s pretty well-known, and it’s not without its flaws, but I would still recommend Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. There’s something about treating procrastination like a force, and giving it a name (‘resistance’), that is very powerful. If nothing else, it’s a book that helps you gain awareness of the times when you think you’re being productive but are actually just avoiding the thing you should really be doing.