Tim Baker

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What is your latest release and
what genre is it?
Unfinished Business – Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Quick description: A mortician suddenly finds herself tasked with carrying out the final thoughts of the corpses she embalms. Bringing closure to the recently deceased seems like a worthwhile task, until she embalms the corpse of a sociopath bent on murder.

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Brief biography:
Tim Baker was born and raised in Rhode Island, where he lived until moving to Florida in 2006. He has written 6 novels and co-written 2 zombie novellas. He is an avid dog lover, a motorcycle enthusiast and a proud member of Red Sox Nation!

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What are you working on now?
My latest work, tentatively titled To Catch a Break is the story of Martin Aquino . . . a man convinced that his life is in such complete disarray that it can only be salvaged by getting into the Witness Protection Plan.
Unfortunately . . . he hasn’t witnessed anything.

Tim’s reading recommendation:
One book that I always recommend is called Black Cross by Greg Iles. It’s fast-moving story set during World War II that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.