About Reading Recommendations

This blog is intended to promote authors and their published work – both traditionally and self-published, in print and eBooks.

In exchange for this FREE listing, I request all authors reciprocate by promoting Reading Recommendations, their fellow authors listed on the site, and me and my work, as much as possible.

Currently this site is closed to unsolicited submissions.

For information on how to get noticed by me so I will invite you to send a submission, please read this blog post, No author is an island …

Susan M. Toy



24 thoughts on “About Reading Recommendations

  1. Hi Susan. I’ve checked both your sites, but can’t find anywhere for requesting a book recommendation. Can you point me in the right direction? 🙂

    • Thanks for your interest! This information is on the “About” page on the blog: Authors, if you would like to see your work promoted here, please send me an email, directly from yourself, with the message “Reading Recommendations” and a URL link to your blog or website to susanmtoy (at) gmail.com and ask that you be considered for future listings.

  2. I would be honored to have my books listed, and hope you woulf find them worthy of your recommendation.
    Michael Phelps
    David Janssen-My Fugitive (With Ellie Janssen)
    The Execution of Justice
    The Jockey’s Justice
    David Janssen-Our Conversations, Volume One-The Early Years
    David Janssen-Our Conversations, Volume Two-The Final Years

  3. Hi, Susan! It’s been a couple of months now since you offered to do a guest post for me, but I’ve finally finished the book I was working on, and I wonder if the offer’s still open? All my best, C.M.

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