Hazel Hutchins

good hazel picture 2015 croppedHazel Hutchins

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Snap! is a picture book for ages 4 – 7, illustrted by Dušan Petričić and published by Annick Press

Quick description: Evan has a brand new set of crayons, perfect in every way, until…..the inevitable happens. But that’s when the delight of discovery truly begins to unfold.

snap from annick

Brief biography:
Hazel Hutchins has been writing picture books and novels for children for the last thirty years and continues to find inspiration in the interesting corners of everyday life. Her many awards include the Marilyn Baillie, R. Ross Annett and Shining Willow Young Readers Choice. Hazel is a popular presenter at schools, libraries and conferences.

Links to buy Hazel’s book:
Annick Press

Hazel’s promo links:
Hazel Hutchins’ Home Page

What are you working on now?
My latest, greatest, most-wonderful idea of course! A writer has to have that kind of enthusiasm for a story in order to put in the weeks, months, years of hard work needed to bring it to fruition. But I find I can’t talk about stories in progress or the energy fizzles out. For me, at least, stories need a great deal of time and a safe, quiet place in which to grow before they can become all they are meant to be.

Hazel’s reading recommendation:
Author Alex Brett has written two mysteries that combine murder, science and Canadian politics in a manner that immediately drew me into her stories and has left me wishing there were more. Both involve Ottawa investigator, Morgan O’Brien, who specializies in science fraud for the Canadian government but the books have different locals and different science themes … both of them totally intriguing and well researched.
Dead Water Creek (Dundurn, 2003) – salmon fisheries on the west coast of B. C.
Cold Dark Matter (Dundurn, 2005) – astronomy observatory atop the high peak of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

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