Don Gillmor

I first learned of Don Gillmor and his writing through his mother, Donna Gillmor. Donna was one of the first sales reps I met when I became a bookseller in Calgary in 1978 and we’ve been friends ever since. It was Donna who suggested I take over her repping job when she retired. So I’ve always been very aware of Don’s magazine writing and publications and have been a fan all along. I’m very pleased to be able to recommend Don Gillmor today on Reading Recommendations!

395AA Don Gillmor

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Long Change, a novel

Quick description: The story of one man’s life from the age of 15 into his 80s as seen through the lens of the three women he loved and set against the backdrop of the reliably volatile oil industry.


Brief biography:
I’ve written three novels, several works of non-fiction and nine children’s books. I started out as a magazine journalist (Saturday Night, Rolling Stone, The Walrus). I grew up in Winnipeg, spent a decade in Calgary and several years in Montreal before settling in Toronto.

Links to buy Don’s book:
Penguin Random House Canada

Don’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
A non-fiction book about suicide that looks at my brother David’s death and the alarming spike in baby boomer suicides.

Don’s reading recommendation:
The Betrayers, by David Bezmozgis – spare, elegant and powerful

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