Lisa Bowes – Lucy Tries Luge … an update

On Dec. 5, 2013, Reading Recommendations featured new author, Lisa Bowes and her recently released children’s picture book, Lucy Tries Luge.


Illustrator, James Hearne, and author, Lisa Bowes - Lucy Tries Luge

Illustrator, James Hearne, and author, Lisa Bowes – Lucy Tries Luge

Since that time, a great deal of news and promotion has been happening and Lisa is pleased to report on the further success of her book. Lucy Tries Luge is all about one of the lesser-known sports at the Olympics. The Olympics are currently being held in Sochi, so it seemed fitting to provide readers with an update of a few of the more newsworthy items, articles, videos and podcasts that Lisa has been involved in since the publication of her new book. Go, Lisa!

Here, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi reads Lucy Tries Luge as part of his Mayor Nenshi Reads series of podcasts promoting reading among the children of Calgary:

And here are some articles from media across Canada:

From Active for Life: ‘Lucy Tries Luge’ makes it easy for kids to connect to the Olympic sport by Stephanie Slate

From The Toronto Star: How to support a child’s interest in sliding sports by Lisa Evans

From The Guelph Mercury: Bowes’ kid-lit play already a winner

From The Surrey Leader: Having a laugh on the luge by Evan Seal

From The Weather Network: A video

Lucy is now on Facebook

And even a song has been written, performed and produced by Andrea Litzenberger! You can hear a sample of that here and purchase a copy!

And here’s a comment Lisa received from a Teacher/Librarian:
Hi Lisa, I received a copy of your book “Lucy Tries Luge” yesterday in my mailbox at school – I am a teacher Librarian in a K to 8 school in Guelph, ON. I took the book home last night and read it to my 4 yr old daughter for bed time and she LOVED the book (as did I)!!! What a great book for young children! Thank you! I was wondering, are you planning on writing more books about Lucy trying other winter, and summer sports?? I have been looking for books like this one to purchase for my library to introduce young students to different sports and to get them excited about the Olympics, this book will do just that!
Kei Fanjoy Teacher-Librarian – Mitchell Woods Public School

YES!! I know that Lisa plans to write and publish at least five more books in the Lucy Tries series!

Lucy Tries Luge has also made its way into a number school districts across Canada – Calgary, Toronto, Surrey, Vancouver – as well as being available to borrow from a number of library systems. The book is also now available to purchase in bookstores throughout Canada.

I do believe (as I have right from the beginning … ) that Lisa Bowes has a gold-medal winner in Lisa Tries Luge! Congratulations, Lisa!

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