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What is your latest release and what genre is it? This Plague of Days, Season 3. I’ll also be releasing This Plague of Days, The Complete Series at the same time as Season 3 comes out. It’s horror, though I call everything I do suspense. I’m into twisty fiction.

Quick description: Season 3 is the finale to my apocalypse with an autistic hero. A plague virus unleashed by bio-terrorists transforms survivors into cannibals and it’s up to a very unlikely hero to stop it. It’s a big saga that takes place across continents and goes to unusual places, from horror to the metaphysical.


Brief biography:
I’m a former journalist and columnist. I worked in publishing books, newspapers and magazines and now I write books. I love it.

Links to buy Robert’s book:
I’m exclusively on Amazon for now. My author page is here.
Amazon Worldwide – eBook

Robert’s promo links:
My author site is From there I talk about new books and I host the All That Chazz podcast. I also host the Cool People Podcast at
To learn more about This Plague of Days, go to
I connect with many readers on Facebook and Twitter.

What are you working on now?
The next book is a thriller set in New York. A young man who idolizes John Leguizamo wants to be a movie star. Suicidal friends, a missing mom and a murderer with a hammer get in the way. Should be out in the fall of 2014. After that, I’m writing the third crime novel in the Hit Man Series. Lots to do.

Robert’s reading recommendation:
Blake Crouch. After I read Run, I really wanted to write a crime novel with similar pacing. That was the guiding principal to the foundation novel of the Hit Man Series, Bigger Than Jesus.

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