Hubert O’Hearn – update on the first book in a new series

Hubert O’Hearn has been featured on Reading Recommendations a number of times, and once in Nov. 2015 to announce the new publishing company, Four Freedom Publishing. He’s back now to tell us of the beginning of a new series on dogs he’s publishing through Four Freedom.


The Friendly World of the Border Collie: inside the Minds of the World’s Smartest Dogs
by Hubert O’Hearn
Published by Four Freedom Publishing

From their first breeding in the farmlands of Northumberland and Cumbria in the UK, to their current fame as stars of both movies and television, Border Collies have been best-known for one characteristic: they are the smartest dogs in the world. Because of their intelligence and unique personalities, having a Border Collie about the house raises its challenges. What is it like to own one? Is a Border Collie right for you? Whether you are thinking about purchasing your first dog, or just want to spend enjoyable hours reading about your favourite breed, The Friendly World of the Border Collie will certainly answer all questions about these lively and loving companions and does so with wit and with warmth. The Friendly World series of books are both entertaining and informative about dogs. They are chock-full of trivia, facts about training and health, and illustrated throughout. Any dog lover you know is sure to enjoy each volume.

Where to purchase Hubert’s book: Kindle and Print

Four Freedom Publishing also makes an interesting request to expand their sales reach in this blog post, Attention Retailers.

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